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    Quantity surveyor

    Hi I purchased an ip earlier this year but forgot to get a QS through at purchase time. I wondered if I organise for a QS to come through now would I be eligible to claim for the six months since I purchased it and had tenants or would it only be from the date the QS came through? Thanks
  2. J

    Westpac Premier Package

    Hi After having done some research I am leaning towards the premier package that wespac has on offer. I am wondering if anyone has been offered this package with borrowings through a trust. I currently have a mortgage over one property through a trust and would like to refinance it to Westpac...
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    Offer on property

    Hi There is a house for rent that has been listed with a local real estate agent for about six weeks. It is a house that is asking quite a high rent for the area and I suspect that this is the reason that it is not attracting any tenants. I would like to buy this property however I do not know...
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    Bathroom renovation

    Hi Everyone, Just thought you may laugh as loud as I did................ I have a small 10 square house and am wanting to upgrade the bathroom and kitchen. I am costing out all options for the bathroom and I contacted a bathroom company who came out and gave me a 'free' quote to put in a new...
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    Double shower

    Hi I am renovating a small two bedroom house (to rent) and am thinking of putting in a double shower. The house is really suited to a couple and thought this could be a point of difference for someone. Has anyone else put in a double shower and had any feedback from agents and tenants. Thanks
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    PPOR insurance

    Hi I know alot of people use cgu for their ip but was wondering if anyone also insures their ppor with cgu. If so, I would appreciate any comments. Thanks
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    Who pays for water usage?

    Hi I thought the landlords, not the tenants, paid for water usage in Victoria, can anyone confirm this. Thanks
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    Hi I am looking at purchasing building and contents insurance for my ppor, the company I am looking at is Alliance. Someone told me yesterday that they do not have a very good reputation and I should be cautious. Does anyone have first hand experience with this company that you wouldnt mind...
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    Services to ip

    I have tenants moving into my ip today. I thought I had covered everything however I have forgotten about the services to the ip. Should I have organised a final reading on the gas and electricity, and have had these services cut off for the tenant to have reconnected? Are these the only...
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    No deposit down loan

    Hi I want to purchase a home with two relatives. Situation: One relative working $50,000 employed for 12 months. One relative not working, with two kids, currently renting @185.00 per week Myself just started new job @35,000 per year - already have ppor debt of $225,000 & ip negatively...
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    Tenant demands

    Hi We have advertised our ip for rent. Several people have expressed interest and we have received one application (it has only been recently advertised). The applicant is asking for air conditioning, a linen press, additional bathroom storage (there is already a cupboard & three drawers...
  12. J

    ppor kept negatively geared??

    Hi I have set up a trust structure and currently have one ip, owned by the trust, and then a ppor. I am thinking about transfering the ppor into my husbands name and negatively gearing it as much as possible and putting the equity into the ip which would then be positively geared. Can you...
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    Wating for tenant

    Hi We have been asked by our property manager to consider an application from a tenant who wishes to move into our ip at the end of January. Our ip is available now and I wondering what conditions / suggestions other more experienced investors would make. Thanks
  14. J

    Landlords Insurance

    I have bought a shop front residence. To date, the building has been used only as a residence so there has been no issue with landlords insurance, now someone wants to rent the property and use the front space as a shop. If anyone has the same situation I would appreciate any advice me on what...
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    Building relationships

    Hi I have built up some great relationships with architects, property managers, accountants, builders (sometimes even real estate agents) etc and I would like to find out how other investors look after these people. Do others take them out to dinner, give bottles of wine, send cards etc, I'm...
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    Glass water feature

    I am wanting to install a rather large frosted glass screen in the courtyard of my ip that has water pumped around it and down over the glass. Can anyone recommend any companies in Melbourne who does this kind of thing. Thanks
  17. J

    Attending settlement

    I am due to settle on my first ip this week, I am learning as I go (and boy oh boy have I learnt!!). My conveyancer is attending the settlement for me and I wondered if I should / can attend as well. As a matter of interest, do other investors attend settlement themselves or do most people get...
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    Late settlement

    Hi GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Can someone please advise me. If settlement is delayed by the vendors and you are not moving into the said property yourself or have tenants waiting to commence their lease then there is nothing you can do. However if the purchaser delays...
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    excel spreadsheet please

    Hi Would somebody be kind enough to post the excel spreadsheet which is used for tracking your ip's (and those you are considering purchasing). Thanks
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    Hi Can anyone tell me what happens when settlement is delayed by the vendor? Do the purchasers generally incur any expenses. I have heard that the banks charge a fee when settlement is delayed. Thanks