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    Homes built 1986 to 1987

    Hi Guys, I have been given a challenge and was hoping you guys might be able to help me. According to my friend for those years that a property was built you can claim 4% depreciation. So he has challenged me to find areas where properties were being built around that time. I thought this...
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    Hi Guys, I have an opportunity to purchase a property in Bundy. I have heard a lot of negative things about buying property in Qld in General so Im a little nervous. Can anybody recommend a solicitor that could help me. I have one in melbourne but he says the laws are so different up their...
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    Promoting Tennant on OTP Purchase

    Hi Guys, What is the 'normal' procedure to Tennant an OTP Purchase. The property is expected to settle in mid Feb. Thanks in advance
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    Establishing a Trust After Purchase Date

    Hi guys and gals, Can anybody solve this little pickle: Purchase Date: March 2002 for $390,000 Settlement Date: April 2003 The contact luckily had and/or nominee. I have upto 14 days prior to settlement to tell vendor who I am nominating. I want to establish a Hybrid...
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    Passive Income

    In realestate terms what is Passive Income. eg House Income $10,000 pa (Rent) Loan Repayments $ 9,000 Expenses $500 so for the year your cash positive $500. I would say that my Passive Income is $500.