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    Help is this first home or investment?

    Do a search on this site, and on the ATO website. I doubt whether your mortgage payments would be deductible since the block of land is not income-producing. Hoping I'm wrong!
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    Rick Otton on the USA

    I found this an interesting read: Disclaimer: I have no association with Rick Otton or his business, other than attending one of his seminars years ago and buying a couple of his minor products.
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    Buying Property for the kids

    Hi, did you see this thread?:
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    Best solution for family IP

    Hi btproperty there are several good accountants interested in property investing who contribute to this forum. I won't list them since I might miss someone! Have a search through and see what other forum members think. Your father could also contact a Centrelink Financial Services Officer as...
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    looking for creative ways to help subsidise children's first homes

    Carol, we adopted a different strategy. To give our newly married daughter a start we bought a house, approved by the couple, in a family trust. They rent it from the trust at market rate, plus extra on top as a forced saving for their 'deposit'. The extra counts as a loan to the trust, and can...
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    Minor storm repairs Melbourne

    bump! Any contacts?
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    Minor storm repairs Melbourne

    Hi can anyone recommend a builder/handyman to repair minor storm damage to a property in North Fitzroy. Involves one or two roofing sheets and gutter externally; ceiling, cornice & tiling inside. Asking on behalf of friends who have advertised, but nobody appears interested in even quoting...
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    Buying the neighbour's house

    MishMash, if it's not too late I feel that it might be wise if the present tenants don't find out you may be, or are buying, the property :-)
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    Removing silicon

    Hi from my experience tinkering with motor cars I know that petrol (and probably white spirits) is a solvent for silicon sealants. Use with care!! Terry
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    Development Potential

    Tails, did you try the 'Search' function? You should get lots of hits.
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    1 Yr Old - How Add Value ???

    Hi, I thought that 'dead in the water' was a nautical term - sailing ships etc. No wind and you are becalmed and cannot make progress. Terry (whoops, just reread Always Learning's post!)
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    advice -re retirment

    active74, your mum can make an appointment with a Financial Information Service officer at Centrelink at no charge to receive information about pension entitlements and what she can do to qualify. This can be done as well as paying for advice from qualified professionals.
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    Making loan deductable

    Hi Natedog, the theory seems correct. However, since you won't be living in either of the properties any rent (or other mortgage payments) for your new residence won't be deductable. Great if you can live with rellies cheaply or for free! Terry
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    Air Conditioner/heating problems

    Mrs Bird, our reverse cycle a/c system has dampers fitted to the ducts so that air can be controlled to specific parts of the house. If these dampers are switched off, or burn out like ours have, then they remain closed. In this case, everything appears to work fine, but no air can be blown...
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    is QS report compulsory ?

    Cam, insurance companies have tables for each State which give approx. cost per sq. metre for different types of construction for insurance valuation. These may well be accurate enough. Terry
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    Restructuring to a Trust

    Hi geoffw, another forumite (possibly 'Still at School'?) has pointed out in the past that a discretionary trust and a 'family trust' are strictly not the same. A discretionary trust can make a 'family trust' election, which changes the way in which the trust operates, I didn't follow the...
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    Is a cash gift from family member assessable?

    Trump, what about establishing a trust to buy the property from your daughter & partner. She could then rent the property from the trust, and her equity could be loaned to the trust to assist in the purchase. (May involve juggling of finance!). As the beneficiary her interests would be...
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    PIA Software...

    Hi Merovingian, I also have used PIA on Mac for a few years with no problems. Still in Classic 9.2 though. Terry
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    SMSF Trust Deed

    Hi Julie, this site was posted as a source of reference for legal documents: Definitely worth a read. I'm not suggesting that you should or should not use LawCentral for your arrangements, but you may at least find out what kind of questions to ask about all sorts of...
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    Starting my own SMSF

    Chook, apologies if you have already done the reading, but I thought Austin Donnelly's book "Do-It-Yourself Superannuation" was clear and concise for what is a complicated subject. Borrow or buy the latest edition. Terry