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    Rick Otton on the USA

    I found this an interesting read: Disclaimer: I have no association with Rick Otton or his business, other than attending one of his seminars years ago and buying a couple of his minor products.
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    Minor storm repairs Melbourne

    Hi can anyone recommend a builder/handyman to repair minor storm damage to a property in North Fitzroy. Involves one or two roofing sheets and gutter externally; ceiling, cornice & tiling inside. Asking on behalf of friends who have advertised, but nobody appears interested in even quoting...
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    Display homes

    Hi everyone. Have tried archive but could not find reference to purchasing builder's display homes. Typically, if you purchase one (or more!) of these the builder offers to lease back for 18 month +18 month, with a return of 8%. Anybody have experience with these as an investment? Terry