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    Heretic bank now max 80 % lvr on Ips as well

    not a great loss for most Im sure ta rolf
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    Coronis Real Estate Agents asking for Veda Check before submitting offers

    Talk about stoopid and no idea of impact on credit files For an agency which are somewhat a stand out, this seems like a really silly idea Imagine ......... 4 offers 4 credit enquiries.......... no property ta rolf As discussed attached are the documents you need to complete to...
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    CBA lends to Hybrid Trusts again YAY

    good to see some common sense positioning ta rolf We now accept Hybrid Trusts We are enhancing the Bank?s offering by expanding the customer eligibility criteria to include Hybrid Trusts as an eligible borrower and guarantor.
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    Human Nature

    Its no often I get this sort of reply anymore when dealing with young people that are buying their first home to thence rent out. I've spoken to my family's financial advisor and he said to go PI, so that's what I'll do. After mud maps, discussions, explanations and cash flow analysis...
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    more val funnies v2.3

    Client buys a property in the inner sw of syd for a pretty good price of 440 k a the time Lenders valuer agrees even at an 95 % lvr So............ so near 18 mths later, and great val results through the area reflecting the strength of the market client suggests we obtain a val. so we do ask...
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    More val funnies thread 236

    Got a logan area val back today - all on the money and fine notable comments........................ look like cut and paste from 18 mths ago ta rolf Level of Market Activity: Thinly traded /weak RECENT MARKET DIRECTION (PRICE) RISK COMMENTS: The property market is slow with...
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    More val funnies

    Background. commenting valuer did a val for wbc, the outcome of which was lame. ordered anotherval from diff lender 50 days later. Client wants to stay with wbc, so we went back toWBC valuer with a request. ta rolf Thank you for your email and the valuation report provided by...
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    Valuers using the B word

    Got to laugh though the subject property was last traded at x 3.5 years ago the valuation today is 1.15 x, so an approx 4 % pa growth............... ta rolf PS, the typos and grammar came with the copy .... MARKET SEGMENT CONDITIONS RISK COMMENT Number 4 Risk Rating to...
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    Gladstone Rentals

    Hi All just got an email from client that was getting 1500 a week for a fully furnished long lease newish place. PM reckons max 1000 now with 700 props on the rental market up there Maybe the Banks are somewhat smarter than we think in picking rental oversupply ? ta rolf
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    Valuations Spreads - new players to IP take note

    Following on from my other vals thread, and my view that I believe the industry is perhaps being "dumbed" down.......... been a good week, got some good results 300 k ( according to RP and Residex) one bed unit in a nice part of Brisbane 3 valuations from 3 different valuers and...
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    Valuers concerns or should I be concerned for the valuers ?

    got a couple of vals back in middle to outer NW sydney burbs with the following style comments We have considered a Risk Rating for Market Volatility as 4 due to the market considered inconsistent with regards to sales and uncertain market conditions because English is not my first...
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    NZ gov Limits LVR volume exposure Interesting.............. Not so much for the Banks per se, but much more so if you are a mortgage insurer - government policy making for some interesting unintended...
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    Jane now mainstream media property contributor

    Another One of our posters has another mainstream media gig on an ongoing basis as a specialist writer in property Congrats Buzz ! ta rolf
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    WA Real Estate Agents

    Hi all Im after some general feedback,or perhaps specific advice on WA land contract law. In WA the finance clause is at the buyers option - ie the buyer can declare finance as and when they see fit........ WA agents tend to get hissy if they dont get a copy of the finance approval, and...
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    Rates are a rising in the US

    The below from one of my FB contacts in the US mortgage market Guess the stimulus needed to stop somewhere. ta rolf "Ah yes it's a great day to be in the mortgage business. Rates are up .625% in 30 days, and .25% to .375% in just 1 week. Any quote older than this morning is...
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    ANZ IO Renewal or Variable to IO fixed process

    Feedback from my clients has been pretty yuk on this new lite renewal process for extending an IO period,or flicking from variable to fixed with many lenders such as wbc and CBA is tick and flick process, but it looks like ANZ still want vals, financials and body parts. ANZ has always used...
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    From the late and great Jim Rhon

    Oh What Power ! part of the reason I still work hard every day to achieve significance and change with Humans ta rolf Change Begins with Choice by Jim Rohn Any day we wish, we can discipline ourselves to change it all. Any day we wish, we can open the book that will open...
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    Lenders Never Cease to amaze

    From Scratch WBC loan app 90 % + cap lmi Lodged electronically and system declined, paper support docs registered to their system 2.28 pm 1/5 Formal approval same day, docs out 8am 2/5 Now why cant they all be like this :) When SLA's dont get in the way of common sense lenders can...
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    GE no cap above 95% for Investments

    Initially, this lower LVR change was flowing through mainly mortgage managers, but it looks like its going through at least some lenders with DUA STG being one From Monday 15th April, investment purchases will be limited to a max LVR of 95% INCLUDING LMI. Applications in the pipeline...
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    Competition looks like being reduced further

    If its true but at least the TRUTH will now come out about those lenders using the "we dont pay commissions" and thats why our rates are lower logic. Once the...