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    NSW Residential Tenancy Agreement

    Hi All, Does anyone have an electronic copy of the current NSW Residential Tenancy AGreement they could email me? I have one I used to use a couple of years ago, but I believe the current standard agreement has changed due to the odd legislation change. Many thanks, Pete Noake
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    More MYOB Questions

    I have plenty of MYOB questions. Setting up expense accounts for recording IP expenses. Is it best to have a single account to record all expenses of a single category for all properties, or have multiple occurences of the same category for each property? Eg. Chart of accounts looks like...
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    Entering the purchase of Property in MYOB

    I'm sure there are a few ways to enter the purchase of property into MYOB, but I'd like to work out which is the best way to do it. Presumably I set up an Asset account, and then go to Purchases, Enter Purchases, and enter the details of the property into the description line of the Purchase...
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    Sample Loan document

    Does anyone have a simple Sample Loan Document they are willing to share with me? I need to draw up a quick loan from myself to my Trust and want to document the loan. I intend for the Trust to use the Loan from me to purchase property, for the Trust to pay interest on the principal, and for...
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    Incomptent Property Manager story

    I have a great little story about a particularly inept property manager whose actions/inaction has cost me a lot of time and money... Situation After months of tenant paying late, causing damage, failing to report minor maintenance issues (that later turned into major maintenance issues)...
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    Pros and cons of security system

    Situation - I have tenants in an IP in Wynnum QLD who installed a secrity alarm system in my IP (which I approved) about 12 months ago. Cost them ~$1200. They have recently given notice that they wish to vacate as they are relocating out west. They have advised that they don't really need...
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    Recommended Builder - Brisbane/Queensland

    I'm looking for recommendations for a builder for a new house in Queensland. Major company or smaller builder OK. Ta, Pete
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    WA Residential Design Codes Here's a link to the WA Residential Design Codes. Quite useful if you are thinking about small developments in WA. The document can be downloaded in whole or by part from...
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    Loans with linked Frquent Flyer schemes

    For all you QANTAS Frequent Flyer members out there, there are a few mortgages available from ANZ, Macquarie and Citibank that earn you QANTAS FF points based on your borrowings. The details are on the QANTAS website
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    Tenenat wants to run a Small Business from IP

    From: Pierre . Hi all. I'm sure this has been covered before, but I'll give it another go. One of my property managers contacted me today seeking guidance on a request from a tenant to run a small business from the property they rent from us. Business is going to be as an approved home-based...
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    Hello from East Timor

    From: Pierre . Hi all from sunny downtown Dili!! To any enterprising builders or developers, there may just be a bit of work for you here, but the property market is not somewhere I'd like to venture just at this moment. Apparently there are some major issues with the locals about land...
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    Bye bye for a while

    From: Pierre . Hi all, I'm away for a month from tonight. Good luck to you all in your pursuit of the ultimate deal. Sorry I can't be at the lunch Gee Cee. To The Wife, I'll see you at the BBQ. Take it easy all,
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    Dual Occ? I wonder???

    From: Pierre . Live and learn Michael. (Wasn't me).
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    Subdivision and CGT

    From: Pierre . Hi All. I'll put this one to my accountant, but I thought I'd open up a new thread to discuss subdivisions and CGT. I've just had an offer accepted on a property that was originally marketed as two properties. The property has an 1100m2 block with a 4x2 house on the top, and...
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    Editing or deleting your own messages

    From: Pierre . Does this new webboard allow you to edit or delete your own messages after you have posted? I've looked for the option, but can't find it. Hoping a computer nerd can help.