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  1. Gockie

    Clueless unsupportive mother

    I have clueless parents. (Mother more than father to be honest) I'm sorry, but I have to say it. I tell them I plan to buy a property in Brisbane. This is my mum's response: "Lyn don't buy house that far away because if it needs work you are not there to organise workman there." :confused...
  2. Gockie

    Poor first home buyers Sydney

    Damn investors with their equity!!!
  3. Gockie

    My TV picks up the CCTV footage in the complex

    I had no idea that was possible, it seems to be live as i've seen a person on the footage and then stuck my head out the door and sure enough, a person had entered...
  4. Gockie

    Sydney: Central to Eveleigh development

    Hey Everybody, I spotted this proposal (Google "Central to Eveleigh urban growth"), just wondering why nobody's talking about it? Sounds really good. Also known as C2E. In a nutshell, it provides more high density housing but also more office space, utilising the space above and adjacent to...
  5. Gockie

    6 months rent payment up front - in which tax year is it deemed as income?

    Hi, I have a potential tenant who said he'd be willing to pay the full rent for 6 months upfront. :D Blame that on a tight rental market. The rental's going to start in the second half of May. If I collect that full amount this tax year, do I have to declare the whole amount as income for this...
  6. Gockie

    Ideas for best rental return West Ryde Unit

    Hi, I have a 2 Br apartment in West Ryde. It's on the train line, 1 minute walk from station. I was thinking about how to get the best rental return for this property. I was thinking perhaps leasing out the car space separately to the apartment could be a way to go. Apartment would rent for...
  7. Gockie

    Parramatta Albion Hotel 7th May?

    Hey guys. I'm proposing a meetup in Parramatta Albion Hotel for 7th May. Unfortunately I can never do Wednesdays.... edit : I will probably host a meetup in Parramatta, but maybe it will be on the 16th or 18th June.
  8. Gockie

    Parramatta meetup 7th May

    Hi! I can never make Wednesday nights so I'm suggesting my own meetup. :) Its Thursday night at the Albion hotel Parramatta 6.30pm, 7th May. Would love to see Somersofters there. Linda
  9. Gockie

    Anki - Spaced repetition flashcards for learners

    I just thought i'd share.... i've been trying to learn cantonese practically forever, been learning very slowly. I read about this software called Anki. Wow its good. Its a flashcard system but it can include images and audio. Spaced repetition software and its open source - free on...
  10. Gockie

    Albion Hotel April 30th?

    MsAli, wanna meetup on a Thursday night in Parramatta? 30th April, Albion hotel ~6.30pm. Can you make it? I can never do Wednesdays myself....
  11. Gockie

    Most fun jobs you've ever had

    Hi all, This was a question on another forum..... And this was my reply. My most fun jobs (It seems to cover most of my working life!!) :) 1. Doing nightfill at a department store. Lots of fun, as most of the staff were uni students like me. Hard work at times like with the store refit...
  12. Gockie

    Personality type and jobs

    I figure i'm ITP and don't have a strong lean towards either of S or N I work as a report developer, (I guess it could be described as a watered down/specific kind of Programmer?) but I could happily enjoy any of those ITP group of jobs...
  13. Gockie

    Invest or payoff debts - question on another forum

    Hi everybody, This was a question on another forum. A whopping 72% have voted pay off debts! Such a different mindset. Please note that most of the Forumites on that forum are based in North America. Here was the question: Since this is nearly a daily question on the forum, I'd like to get a...
  14. Gockie

    Anybody going/want to go to Dympha Boholt (tomorrow Sunday 8th) @ Sydney Olympic Park

    Hi, Is anybody going (or would like to go to this event? I have probably 2 spare tickets that can be given away). I'm going with a friend. (She asked me to go with her). I am going with the idea of don't buy anything, but just calling it a chance to go out, do something... Would be good to...
  15. Gockie

    Apartment buying problem inner Sydney

    I bought a 1 br unit in inner Sydney, exchanged in October, took ownership in early December. (I.e. 8 weeks ago). It's awesome, positive cashflow from day 1! So I decided I would like to buy another. Had a look at what's available at the moment in Surry Hills, Chippendale, Redfern...
  16. Gockie

    1997 era light and PowerPoint combo?

    Hi, I bought a property. It came with this light switch and electrical Powerpoint combo but the faceplate is cracked and I don't know where I can get a replacement (other than trying the neighbours if/when they decide to upgrade). Any idea where else I can get this faceplate? I think it looks...
  17. Gockie

    Executive committee chairperson constantly harassing my tenants

    Hi, I've had a townhouse in the Canterbury Bankstown area of Sydney for about 4 years. My tenants have been in there for about 18 months. They are lovely people, and I always get paid my rent on time and they always pay the water usage charges on time, they let me know of any issues and are...
  18. Gockie

    South Western Sydney - a recent human history view

    If you want a peek into South Western Sydney that was put together by a UTS Student who grew up there showing what it was like from 1995 in photos, audio and video, this could be it. I havent looked at the work but it sounds interesting and would like to sometime...
  19. Gockie

    Home and contents insurance

    I just came home and found a letter from GIO about the home and contents insurance renewal - I guess 12 months is up. The whole insurance comes to approx $1800 for a year, with $500 excess. While I'd keep the home insurance in case of catastrophe, (my suburb is surrounded by national park - we...
  20. Gockie

    Optus tower

    Hi Everybody, Optus has approached my IP strata with a proposal, they would use our building(s) to host one of their towers/base stations. They would pay my strata 20k per year, (increasing 3%pa). The terms would be 5 years with the right to excise an option 3 times for a total of 20 years. The...