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    Another Captial GainsTax question

    I searched the forum but couldn?t find similar question asked anywhere. I have exchanged contract for a land purchase in Oct 2014. Land settles in July 2015. If I sell the land in Nov 2015, my understanding is that I have to pay capital gains tax for 50% of the profit made? But what is...
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    EHC for Complying development

    Anybody used electronic housing code for complying developemnt? I am thinking to use it for my next project. Any feedback is appreciated.
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    Architect recommendation at Campbelltown please

    Recently purchased a lot in the recent landcom release at Macarthur Heights. I am looking for architect to do feasibility and design of a duplex.
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    Is it better not to file tax now?

    I am self-employed and I know my income for 2014 will be slightly less than 2013. Would it be better for me not to file tax returns until Jan/Feb next year so that I don?t have to show my 2014 income. Lenders have any cut of dates from which they would ask for 2014 tax returns?
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    Pros and Cons of constructing a house using a management company

    This is a hypothetical question to the experts. If I buy a new land in my name and I or my spouse build a house using my/spouse?s management company, can the company claim GST credits and charge wages etc. The company would be borrowing services of a builder and various services to construct...
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    Owner builder ? Build and sell

    My spouse is currently unemployed. So I am thinking to buy a new land in her name released by landcom, build a house and sell as soon as possible. Please advise what is the best set up to buy and build. Please note Landcom only allows to buy land in individual names. So setting up trust etc...
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    Due diligence for commercial realestate

    I am in the process purchasing a commercial property suitable for building units in Brisbane. Currently there is an old house in the property which is not tenanted for over an year. Being classified as a commercial property, should I need to do any extra due diligence apart from the normal...
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    Buying in an auction

    This should have been covered earlier but I couldn't find a good link by searching the forum. 1) If you are buying in an auction should we set up Trust before going to the auction or can the name be changed after the auction? 2) If you are bidding over phone, how do you normally make the...
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    Prefrab Designer Homes

    One of my friend suggested me building my home using prefabricated materials imported from China. I don't have any expertise in this space. Any of you have any experience in building designer houses using prefabricated material. Are there any reputable builders operating in Australia? What...
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    Coffs Harbour PM recommendations

    I'm looking for an IP in Coffs Harbour. Can anyone recommend a good PM there
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    Investment Structure for joint development

    One of my friends offered me an option to buy a share of a property investment in QLD. Total investment would cost around 3.5 to 4 million. It?s a development site comprising of 24 town houses. The owner is keen to sell the property to us. The owner offered 3 options to buy 1) We (six...
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    Negative gearing a subdividable property with a run down house

    I found a land that is subdividable. There is an existing house is not good for renting. Can I negative gear the property till I subdivide the property? The house is in very bad condition to rent it out but I am happy to rent it out if somebody is ready to rent it? If I subdivide the...
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    Loan structure for investment property with granny flat prospect

    I am trying to buy my first investment property. I was thinking to capitalise on interest but with the latest ATO ruling, I am bit worried. This is my situation, 1. My PPOR, I have $450000 loan and around $200000 thousand in offset account savings. I have borrowed the maximum...