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    Wanting to rent a property in Bondi/Coogee

    Hi Everyone. Just wondering if anyone has a 3/4 bedroom unit/house for rent in the Bondi/Coogee area? I am willing to sign up a 12 month contract either through an agent or directly with the landlord (if you wish). Feel free to make contact through my email address...
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    Freestyler M2M meetings - TONIGHT!

    Hi all, message from Nivia (aka The Wife). For some reason she can't log onto the forum at the moment. Cheers Robert Freestyler M2M meetings - TONIGHT! Adelaide Hotel Adelaide International Lobby Bar 62 Brougham Place, North Adelaide (I have warned the staff that you will be...
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    FREE Scotch Whisky Tasting

    The Drinks Are On Us! Come and be a part of the Freestyler Table at a FREE Johnnie Walker Scotch tasting evening... On The Journey of Taste you'll have a great time exploring some of Scotland's finest single malts and blended whiskies in the capable hands of the Johnnie Walker Brand...
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    Renovate For Profit

    Just a last minute reminder for all those interested Renovating. Join the audience and attend the Mark Mandall Renovate For Profit being held at Parramatta 19th Feb (tomorrow). Call into the Freestyler Events office on 1800 626 011 to reserve some a the few remaining seats. Remember, even...
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    Web Forum Privacy Policy

    Hi Webmasters and Forum Moderators. I have a question regarding the Forum Privacy Policy, I have had a look for it but cannot find in anywhere as yet. Can someone please steer me towards it please. Cheers Robert
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    Mark Mandall Renovation Seminars & Webinars

    *** Reminder *** Hi all, Just a friendly reminder about the upcoming Mark Mandall renovation seminars and webinars being held by Freestyler Events. 29 Jan - FREE Webinar, Renovation Chat Room, Freestyler Forum. Commencing at 8pm (AEDT) 13 Feb - Renovation Tool Kit Seminar - Canberra...
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    Post From The_Wife

    Hi Everyone. The_Wife has asked me to post this onto the forum after I emailed her about See Changes additive to the Fishing Story in the secrecy thread... :D QUOTE (Thanks for sending me this Rob, would you mind sending a post back for me, I can t work out how to sign in…yes I know...
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    Freestyler Offering Free Xmas Competition

    Freestyler Events is offering a Mark Mandall Renovation Manual Xmas competition. To win one of Mark Mandalls’ Renovation Manuals, which can add up to tens of thousands of dollars extra in equity to your next renovation job, simply click on the Mark Mandall Xmas Renovation Competition on the...
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    Earliest Terms Contract "Wrap" in Australia

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share with you something which I saw yesterday. I had a meeting at the Raine and Horne head office yesterday about a few other ventures rather then wraps. And here I am walking down the hallway in their office and what do I see... A framed and well preserved...
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    Sweet Music to My Ears

    I went out into the Inner City Sydney market for the first time in months today and received Music To My Ears from a selling agent who was taking a property to auction today. I was just window shopping and asking the questions one asks when looking at properties. And what do I hear back from...
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    Freestyler Sydney Xmas Party & Cashflow Day

    Freestyler Sydney Cashflow Christmas Party! Only $35.00 per person (this includes your lunch) * Play the game Cashflow with others (bring your board) * See demonstrations of new investing products on the market * Free Christmas gifts for all * Bring the family along * Eat Drink...
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    South Sydney Freestyler Network Meeting - 19th Nov

    The time has rolled around again... Yes, it is South Sydney Freestylin' time again. It will be held on Tuesday 19th November in the usual venue, which is: St George Leagues Club Meeting Room 3 (through Premier's Lounge and down the stairs - same room as last month) 124 Princes Highway...
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    LVR's for Shares

    I came across this .pdf file whilst playing with my shares today. This is just a link so it doesn't fill up our server, no need in duplicating it (until they relocate the file anyway). I found it interesting to see...
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    Freestyler Events Renovation Webinar

    Hi everyone A quick reminder about the Renovation Webinar tonight with Mark Mandall. This event will be held for 1 hour, similar to the Rick Otton Wrap Webinar, without the advertising though. Mark is an experienced Renovation and redevelopment expert. He has redeveloped in excess of 20...
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    To all those who were at Bali last weekend

    Hi guys Saturday night was a dark night again with terrorism once again striking in our world. My heart felt sorrow goes out to all the victims of the blast who were simply enjoying a good night out with a few drinks and fun. For those that survived, keep your heads up and remember all...
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    Freestyler Events Wealth Strategist Seminar

    Freestyler Events is proud to be presenting our newest of speakers. Tony Commisso is one of Australias leading wealth strategist and business coach who can help you view and understand your financial future. Tony currently helps everyone from individual persons through to multinational...
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    Upcoming Event for Freestyler Events

    Freestyler Events will be holding their Biggest Event to date, it will be held in Sydney on the 30th November 2002. The venue has been booked, the speakers have been contracted. We are in the last throws of finalising this full day event (and evening for some), before complete...
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    Accessing the Chat Room

    Hi guys I'm trying to access into the chat room. I go to the main display page for all the topics. I click on the top right button that says Chat Client and a GO button. But this button doesn't take me anywhere. I'm at home now and not sitting behind a firewall. Is this the correct way...
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    New Somersoft Forum

    From: Robert Forward Hi To the powers that be.... I'm trying to access into the new forum. I've signed up with all my details etc but I'm not allowed to post or reply.... HELP.... Or is it just that as you login you need to await for the moderators to pass you through? Any details on this...
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    Michael Pryor *(The Wife's hubby) on TV in BNE

    From: Robert Forward G'day everyone Who saw Brisbane Extra tonight (26th August)? Michael Pryor was introducing his Forward Living concept. His strategy to Wealth development. Did anyone see it? Cheers, Robert Get your Property Inspection Reports @