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  1. aaarghhh

    teamspeak / chatroom

    Hey Sim Have you guys ever considered adding teamspeak to the site? Something to consider maybe? Aza
  2. aaarghhh


    Lots of rain and flooding surrounding my place in lawnton. Great...:( Anyone else in trouble
  3. aaarghhh

    No good deed goes unpunished.

    Hello There are asset protection benefits that come with a "HDT / corporate trustee" structure, and I was thinking if there is a similar latent benefit from a commercial lease embedded in a deed of "something or other" Has anyone considered if there is any value in embedding a commercial...
  4. aaarghhh (beta)

    Hello Found an interesting site which uses screen scrapping techniques to collect (data mine) Development Applications (DA's) surrounding a specific address, set of GPS co-ords, suburb or council planning authority. The site is a copy of a British model "Planning" and I suspect this...
  5. aaarghhh

    Curious about Building Brokers

    Has any one ever used a building broker before? I read in a recent API - one of the editorials featured a resi IP owner using a building broker to find/tender a builder for a 10 unit project. I find the concept interesting.
  6. aaarghhh


    ax2 + bx + c = 0
  7. aaarghhh

    Pearl Jam touring

    Pearl Jam are touring again. Feel like a teen again except I am 39. :) There are some good band touring again.
  8. aaarghhh

    Article about Shopping Centre leases.

    Found this one interesting.
  9. aaarghhh

    Wanted : Floor Sanding Brisbane

    Hello Anyone one have a good recommendation for a floor sanding mob in Brisbane? Thanks Aaron
  10. aaarghhh

    23 Quadrillon dollar credit glitch

    Only in America - Never heard of a quadrillion before today.
  11. aaarghhh

    SMSF fraud

    Found this interesting. A GANG of fraudsters are robbing victims of their superannuation savings in an alarming new identity scam. Police believe the process begins with the theft of a super statement from private mailboxes.
  12. aaarghhh

    Minor Flooding.

    This one was a wet weekend. Surface runoff encroached inside!
  13. aaarghhh

    Third Eye Blind

    Hello Sim This site doesn't fully render screen colours of this site at higher screen resolutions like 1680 x 1050? Can you change the html code to fully render all screen sizes with the correct colour pallette? My eyes are not what they used to be. Thanks
  14. aaarghhh

    Vendor Finance vs CreditCrunch

    Just curious and wondering electronically.:) Does anyone else think the residential markets will see more vendor finance deals as a consequence of banks stricter approach to lending? The flow of readily available credit slows down because the banks have tightened their lending criteria, No...
  15. aaarghhh

    Rainy Sunday Arvo.

    Starting to flood at my place..... Lucky no hail.
  16. aaarghhh

    In the beginning....

    Hello Every since joining this forum I have always wanted to get my hands on some form of commercial property. I've read quite a few posts from other forumites who invest in commercial and now have the chance to start my commercial property journey. I'm looking at a few retail shops and...
  17. aaarghhh

    LOE and litigation risk.

    See_Change started a thread about trusts and protection and It got me thinking anbout asset protection while using LOE strategies. I'm worried about my next step in IP investing and how to protect it. Keith had suggested using regular top ups to keep the LVR's at 80% which MIGHT mitigate the...
  18. aaarghhh

    Open source browser - Google Chrome

    New open source browser in beta form soon. Google Chrome.,M1 Ingenious way to portrait information - comic form.
  19. aaarghhh

    WTD: Townplanner Northside Brisbane

    Hello I'm looking for a town planner and would appreciate any suggestions that other members have used for the Northside of Brisbane - Pine Rivers, Caboolture, Redliffe areas. Has anyone used this mob before Town Plan Assist at Kippa Ring?
  20. aaarghhh

    So you think you think you good at maths...

    Found a couple of interesting clips on youtube. Day 1 Day 2 These guys are passionate about maths.