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  1. Glenn

    Perth builders

    I'm going to do a reno when I find a decent property. I would like to investigate costs for building and/or renovation in Perth and contact a few builders to see plans and costs before diving in. Can anyone suggest a good, well priced builder for the following: 1. building a whole new...
  2. Glenn

    Rising Damp

    The Y-man, When my wife and I renovated and extended our heritage home, we engaged a team to resolve the rising damp issue we had in the house. The process was; 1. Inspect the property, being check roof plumbing and put a moisture meter on on the internal walls to identify where the problem...
  3. Glenn

    House underpin - need help!

    Tyng, A few questions; 1. Does the extension contain plumbing or electrical services underneath it, or in the walls? 2. What are the walls constructed from? 3. Are the walls plumb? Please also post some photos of the cracks and the area around the outside of the extension. Cheers Glenn
  4. Glenn

    Mt Lawley unit - going to start looking

    Because every time you went out the front door, you would be propositioned by a hooker and then stabbed by a meth freak
  5. Glenn

    Paint finish on front doors

    DaveM.....I am back baby!
  6. Glenn

    Paint finish on front doors

    Toon, Tell us what happened to your door. Glenn
  7. Glenn

    Would you buy this house?

    I reiterate my comments from 10 demo contractors. There is a good chance someone is looking for some work to keep the wheels turning. Glenn
  8. Glenn

    21 Today!!!

    It's time for an update on Perth property. The property I mentioned in the post above is 2km from the Perth GPO and was purchased for $288k. Since then we have spent around $80k on it. It turns out that it is now zoned for duplex construction. Perth property stunk at the time we bought it...
  9. Glenn

    Trusts to protect real estate in case of divorce

    Like a lot of things, what we focus on we are most likely to achieve. $10 bunches of flowers, randomly purchased and delivered with a kiss help things a lot at our place.
  10. Glenn

    Dodgy Builder...

    G'day MTB, Liquidated damages is the term used to describe a monetary sum that can be claimed from the contractor (builder) in the event that the building does not satisfy the definition of Practical Completion in the contract, by the adjusted contract completion date (does not finish in...
  11. Glenn

    aggressive tradies !!!

    To go back to the issue at hand... How much of the work, by percentage, has been completed by the tradesmen? Has the work done to date been done to your satisfaction in terms of: 1. Quality 2. Time Glenn
  12. Glenn

    Which state do you think will fall the most in the next 2 years ?

    Hi All, 2 years ago, at the height of the property boom in Perth, one of our neighbouring homes sold for $610,000. The same house is on the market for $850,000 now. 6 months ago, I begun working for a residential builder, specialising in renovations to heritage homes....we are very busy. I...
  13. Glenn

    Bringing in Topsoil?

    Hi monsoon, I brought in 20m3 of good topsoil a few years ago when I did my landscape renovation as the soil on my block was brown sand...great for drainage, but woeful at water retention. The results have been pretty good, although as a couple of people have said, you do see sand washed to...
  14. Glenn

    Tennats ignoring phonecalls/rent

    In Western Australia, we have a document called the "Residential Tenancies Act" which can be purchased from the government printing office. They also sell a book called the "Landlord's Handbook" which gives advice on the different options that are available to tenants and landlords in the...
  15. Glenn

    Full renovation analysis on high end 2 bedroom apartment with workings and costings

    Hi David, My responses are below. Personally mate, can you work harder than a $650k property??? What I mean is that over a 30 year period that property will probably see 8-10% capital appreciation...can you save $52,000 - $65,000 in cash each year from your current job? If not...leave it...
  16. Glenn

    What is your bottom line for rent payment?

    I don't bother trying to draw a line....that is what the Residential Tenancies Act is for. For me, I implement the Act because non-payment and recovery of rent always seem to drag on longer than you think...if they are behind by more than a week or two now you can kiss that money...
  17. Glenn

    Perth Office Supply

    Hi Ausprop, Thanks for your reply. I could not tell you the split between resi and commercial for the cranes in the my opinion is that it is skewed on the side of commercial. It is mainly the buildings under construction right now that I was alluding would seem to me...
  18. Glenn

    Perth Office Supply

    Hi All, With the number of cranes working in Perth at the moment, does anyone see a looming over-supply of office space in 2 years? To my very untrained eye, we are building more office space in Perth right now than the sum of office supply since the 1970's. This will be a good thing...
  19. Glenn

    More Government incentives coming

    It would not surprise me in the least should a Labour government to introduce a measure such as my opinion property values would double virtually overnight....unless of course the deductability of IP's was taken away or modified in such a way as only to be deductible againt rental...
  20. Glenn

    Tiling... am I being ripped???

    If the existing toilet sits under the finished tile level and you expect the new toilet to sit on top of the new finished tile level AND you have a toilet waste that goes into a wall (as opposed to going into the floor), be careful....the toilet may not match up to the waste pipe due to the...