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    What does your accountant do for you?

    Well our accountant handles the trust too, this has been valuable at various times over the years. To be honest there are times when I wonder, like Delilah, whether they're worth the coin ... this usually happens after a few years of no new activity. In such cases the only things that change are...
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    property manager pro software

    Well it's been a year ... so bump ! Anyone found a source for Property Manager Pro ? I'm currently using MYOB Business Basics, very old, doesn't install in win 8.1. MYOB AccountRight Basics 2014.3 would be the logical upgrade, though I've decided to see if I can find a friendlier package...
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    Oz lenders attitudes to Japanese Company income

    That's right, from now I am no longer self employed, for Oz or Jp banks. Here we have to decide our salaries now and they can not change for 12 months, at least that's my understanding. So if we set our salaries too high then I'll end up paying too much personal tax which also determines the...
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    Oz lenders attitudes to Japanese Company income

    Not quite sure what you mean, we wouldn't be seeking to use the Co as collateral or even as guarantor for an Oz loan, merely as additional income. The question for us is whether we manipulate the Jp Co profit to either create a 3-way spread of income ... Co, myself & wife ... perhaps the best...
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    Oz lenders attitudes to Japanese Company income

    Being an expat I've always had to balance minimizing my Japanese tax with keeping enough income visible to satisfy Oz lenders. This has generally not pleased my wife who'd prefer we kept every yen hidden under the bed or in ficticious persons' bank accounts ... a famously popular system over...
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    Best discount from commonwealth bank 0.94 off variable rate

    Is it possible for a client or a broker to get a better deal than the other ? Guess what I'm asking is though brokers should know what is possible, is it possible for a client to sometimes get a better deal themselves ? Of course this only pertains to "the moment", I agree that brokers should...
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    Best discount from commonwealth bank 0.94 off variable rate

    I just came accross @6.69% comp is 6.73%. They say the rate is linked to the gov cash rate for 3 years ... but then what exactly happens ?
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    Challenge PAST council rates

    Well we won the objection to the current val, down from 1,140,000 to 735,000. I'd calculated 690,000 so I'm pretty happy there. Similarly for the others in the block. A significant change ! Now to look at compensation for PAST overpay'ts ... no experience anyone ?
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    Selling a cross financed IP

    Valuations shouldn't matter too much should they, unless you borrowed over 90% of value. Assuming we stay down around 50% LVR then I assume we part pay the sold house portion ... 50% of the sold house. Is this correct ? Is it true of all major banks asking for part pay't NOT to refinance ?
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    Selling a cross financed IP

    It has always been my belief that one of the negatives of having your IP cross coll'd would be the need to refinance all in the event of selling one. Today a loans officer for a big 4 told me he thought the bank would simply require part pay't to replace the sold IP from the total crossed. Is...
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    Challenge PAST council rates

    I'm currently waiting on a Melb council response to my objection to the latest rates valuation of 3 T/H. In my objection I also requested some refund of $5,000 as past over-charged and paid rates for last 4 years ... yes I should've paid more attention and challenged long ago. The latest vals...
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    So much for global warming

    Excellent video ... thanx for posting it.
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    Australia Post to become a bank?

    It's interesting that Fujitsu Consulting, a Jp Co is talking about this ... Japan has a long experience with PO being banks. Franchised or not isn't a problem, Japan's PO have been franchised for a long time and yes people go there to pay the elect bills etc but there aren't long waiting times...
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    Thoughts on Essendon Vic

    I'm from Deakin St not too far from there and have IP in Roberts St quite near where you are looking. You won't do wrong anywhere around there. It's really up to your numbers with that particular house and in fact what do you want to do with it ... live in, rebuild or rent out as is.
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    How would you spend the $42b?

    Standardize the rail guages throughout Oz ... a huge benefit and something that would probably never normally be done.
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    Stimulus, I could'nt help myself.. ;]

    Japan tried this "handout" stimulus idea more than 10 years ago, it proved not to be very effective. Nonetheless they are trying it again now (PM with only 18% approval rating is buying votes). However all recent surveys show that the majority of the pop'n don't believe it will help and in fact...
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    RBA drops rates by 100bp!

    I wasn't aware of LOC and the like being recalled ... bit scary. What is the reason ? Wanting to reduce their lending LVR or using ithem as a source of fiunds for more profitable lending ?
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    do lottery winning get taxed?

    Since I think a large proportion of property investors are neg geared ... hobby status would be a HUGE downer.
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    Is this the right time to buy in Melbourne?

    Ah ... I had a laugh ... million ... but waiting to save 21k. Not to offend it was only my 1st response, perfectly good idea which I'd probably do myself. I feel the market may soften more though heard that range and upwards is already feeling stress. You're in the market at the right time ...
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    What to do? Difference in opinion re our financial future

    I have a question on this as my brother was thinking of doing same. If a trust buys a property the negative gearing income tax discount is lost, of course the losses are kept and can be offset against future profits, but this doesn't help those who want to fully utilise neg gearing. Isn't this...