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  1. duncan_m

    Check out my Gantry

    I've been renovating my PPOR for a few months now.. new kitchen, concrete, tiling, painting, fans, new lighting.. Today I erected a Gantry in the backyard.. its for installing/removing engines out of trucks, for installing/removing cabs off trucks, for unloading stuff from my truck and its...
  2. duncan_m

    Investing in Cars..

    The next Shannons auction is on Sunday.. I'll be bidding! I've got high hopes for continued climb in the value of 60s and 70's Australian Muscle Cars.. Not many investments that you'll get as much fun out of as a classic car... my kids love...
  3. duncan_m

    New Unit Owners often forced to foot repair bills

    Interesting article from The Age: A THIRD of new apartments in Melbourne are so poorly built that buyers are being trapped into making costly repairs. The director of Russell...
  4. duncan_m

    Cost of concrete pools?

    Has anyone had a concrete pool done recently? Is there a rough cost per square metre that's considered standard for the basic pool structure? excluding any of the fancy landscaping and fencing..
  5. duncan_m

    Cheap (little) retaining wall.. ideas please :)

    I have a little retaining wall to build.. Its about 100M long and needs to be about 400mm high.. I want to do this really cheaply :D I'm considering pouring concrete into a form after trenching down about 600mmm.. 150mmwide I've got plenty of reo and scrap steel to throw in.. But I'm...
  6. duncan_m

    Adelaide houses.. Some vendor finance available

    I'm selling houses in Woodcroft, Morphett Vale, and Glenalta in Adelaide and a brand new holiday house in Normanville.. I'm prepared to vendor finance up to 20% of the sales price. Nice way to get into some Adelaide houses potentially with no money down.. Please email me at...
  7. duncan_m

    Loan Managers?

    I'm selling some of my houses and plan to leave 5-10% in the deal for the buyer as a P&I loan over 5 years.. Unlike my approach to property management, I'd like to be hands-off with these loans if possible.. It occurs to me that there's a market for people who "manage loans".. chase up...
  8. duncan_m

    Financing deposit for purchasers on second mortgage..

    I'm selling some of my houses.. and as I'm apt to do, I feel really bad for the Tenants.. some of whom have been renting from me for years.. I'd like to give them first right of refusal on the places, and would be prepared to leave 5-10% in the deal secured by a second mortgage.. I'm wondering...
  9. duncan_m

    Mouse Print

    Someone sent me a link to a great little blog last night. "Mouse Print", they post examples of weasel print, small print, blatant lies in advertising etc.. Well worth a visit!
  10. duncan_m

    YouTube : A real reno

    A member of our local Real Estate Investment Group, Rachel Barnes, has posted a video interview she did with Will Staughton an Adelaide Renovator/Developer.. he finds really really run down, termite infested houses that very few people would dare touch and does very quick profitable turn arounds...
  11. duncan_m

    The Devil Came.. and it still smells of sulphur..

    I really dont know much about Hugo Chavez (the president of Venezuela).. but he made a speech to the UN yesterday.. and it carried some scathing, scathing messages about George W Bush and the USA.. I really warmed to Hugo's speech.. I did a quick google and couldnt find the skeletons in his...
  12. duncan_m

    Identify these tiles? pavers?

    I've come into about 60sqm of the tiles/pavers shown below They are 300mm x 300mm x 22mm and appear to be terracotta.. roughish finish.. I'm unsure what they are, they have a chalky finish so I'm guessing you'd call them pavers (whats the diff anyhow?).. When wet they darken up nicely.. I...
  13. duncan_m

    Self Storage.. construction disaster..

    I've been watching a new Self Storage complex go up on South Road, Old Reynella in Adelaide.. huge.. Really going up quickly.. slab down, most of the streel structure in place within a few short weeks. They looked ready to put the cladding and insulation on today.. Until it fell over...
  14. duncan_m

    My Property Trailer..

    I quit my 9-5 IT job a few days ago to concentrate on other things in my life (including property).. So I'll be doing almost all of the maintenance on my properties from now on including basic plumbing and minor electrical.. I've done a lot of the maintenance in the past and the one thing that...
  15. duncan_m

    Capital gains.. from where exactly?

    I’ve been acquiring Residential Property in Adelaide for years.. its gone well.. great capital gains. But what does the future hold for the portfolio as far as capital gains go? I’ve come to the conclusion that at best, nothing. At worst, a slow decline in values. Most Western societies are...
  16. duncan_m

    Self Management - Managed... the ratio?

    Hi, I was curious what percentage of investors self-manage one or more of their properties? So I've attached a poll :)
  17. duncan_m

    Subscribed threads..

    Has anyone else noticed that you can no longer see the little indicator showing the thread you've subscribed to when you look at the list of threads etc?
  18. duncan_m

    Clean Fill..

    I need about 200 cubic metres of fill for a project.. I see people putting signs out "good clean fill wanted".. I thought I'd do the same.. but being a babe in the woods, what do I need to watch out for.. is some apparently good looking fill not something you'd want? I have a really large area...
  19. duncan_m

    Ladies, practice your parking

    Very neat little flash game for practicing parking :)
  20. duncan_m

    Omega 3 Fats into Kids..

    I'm not sure where to ask this.. so I turn to the somersoft community for help.. How do you get kids to eat Omega 3 oils? I've tried fishoil and flax seed oil in their pasta and they refuse it.. "It tastes funny, Dad".. They certainly wont swallow fish oil capsules.. They wont eat fish... I'm...