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  1. GoAnna!

    What is your end strategy?

    I am starting to look ahead and think about how I want things to be when I am "old" gulp. The thought of renovating or flying interstate to inspect properties doesn't seem an appealing prospect in my 80s. Or do I pass on the responsibility to the kids? So I am wondering in terms of return...
  2. GoAnna!

    Who is deemed to be owner on day of settlement

    On the actual day of settlement who is deemed to be the owner in terms of adjustments?
  3. GoAnna!

    what time does purchaser require to settle?

    if no banks are involved at either end but purchaser is interstate what would be a the quickest a settlement could reasonably take place? Thanks!
  4. GoAnna!

    Another confession from GoAnna! - I have become weary of property

    As you all know I have been passionate about property for years. I guess since 2000 when I walked out of my job with GoMichael's support . I can't believe how much we have achieved since then...WAY more than I could ever have dreamed of.....but over recent months I have come to realise that I...
  5. GoAnna!

    What living costs do bank assume?

    When banks are calculating servicability what living costs do they assume for a family of two adults and two children. How much variance is there between banks? Thanks!
  6. GoAnna!

    Steam mops - do they actually do the job well?

    Does anyone own a steam mop and is it the best thing since sliced bread or is it sitting in the cupboard gathering cobwebs? Does it actually pick up the dirt or just spread it around in a liquid form? What flooring does it suit? Feedback much appreciated.
  7. GoAnna!

    People can surprise when you least expect it......

    I have a long term tenant who is far from the perfect tenant. PM is always chasing them for rental payments, have had numerous eviction notices due to late rental payments and the presentation of the property has been far from satisfactory. I had them on month by month lease so that when it...
  8. GoAnna!

    Strangest letting process....

    I have recently advertised a 1 bedroom apartment to let for $200pw, an increase of $15 per week. Advertised Friday afternoon, inspections on Moday, application in and approved by Monday afternoon. All good I thought. Two days later I notice the advert is still on the web. Speak to PM...
  9. GoAnna!

    How much does a decent cleaner charge per hour?

    How much do you pay your cleaner per hour? Is that cash in hand or declared?
  10. GoAnna!

    Coffee tables converting to dining table

    Does anyone know where in Australia I can source a modern coffee table that converts to a dining table. I am furnishing a bedsit (studio) apartment and space is a premium !
  11. GoAnna!

    what's the general story with lo doc variable rates?

    I just spoke to NAB and they weren't able to confirm that the lo doc variable is going to reduce at all. Are lo doc variable rates moving further away from standard variable rates? Are we getting back to the old days wheh therer was 1% difference in rates between full docs and lo docs?
  12. GoAnna!

    Landlords morally obliged to pass on rate cut HAhahahahaha They are kidding, right??
  13. GoAnna!


    Could some-one please explain to simple 'ol me what this means exactly. EXPANSION OF DOMESTIC MARKET FACILITIES Conditions in global money markets have deteriorated significantly in recent weeks, with flow-on effects to domestic markets. In order to provide authorised deposit-taking...
  14. GoAnna!

    Clear titles in the vault

    I know that many with larger portfolios are making moves to sure up their position and weather the financial storm ahead. I am just sharing a step in my own personal plan. I am concerned about liquidity and I am concerned about giving banks too much control over my portfolio as we do in the...
  15. GoAnna!

    The ideal tenant....NOT!

    This 100% genuine advert. In header offering to pay $200 per week. Their family has had enough of them and now they would like a place at 50% discount until they "get a job". hahahahahahahaha LMAO
  16. GoAnna!

    So is a PPOR an asset a liability or something else again?

    I know what the investment gurus tell us. 1. Our home is a liability. 2. The debt used to borrow a home is "bad"debt ie non tax deductible non income earning. So what about the equity available in our PPOR? What about the fact it is cgt free? What if you bring in...
  17. GoAnna!

    Marriage and Money

    I just love property but the topic I love most is psychology. Now I am pretty much am amateur but I find it fascinating to research what makes a person tick, how they construct their reality, how this affects their focus and interpretation on the life around them, and therefore the decision...
  18. GoAnna!

    will it help me get there?

    As I reach a summit in my ip journey and decide to take in the view and wonder which way from here I have decided to go forward with this thought in mind "will it help me get there?" Does this item, does this use of my time right now, does this food, does this thought, does this friend help...
  19. GoAnna!

    Which banks accept annunities as income?

    A posting of Rixter's prompted this question. Do all banks accept annunities as income? Does the annunity need to be of a certain duration to be accepted? Ie 10 years? 5 years? In their servicability calculations do they assume PAYG tax is payable on the annunity? Thanks!
  20. GoAnna!

    Best No Doc around right now?

    I was wondering if there is a better product than the RESI No Doc / pure asset lend around at the moment? 70% LVR. What is still out there no doc wise?