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    NSW Builders License Course

    Hi there, In order to become a licensed builder in NSW (residential, multi-res), what TAFE course would be the most applicable to do? I'm not a trades person (i.e. office worker) however becoming a licensed builder would help me with our projects. Thanks Al
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    Average Portfolio Cash Position

    Hi all, With all the market and Somersoft commentary regarding the current state of various property markets (along with people's portfolio compositions), i'm wondering what sort of cash position (not equity) people maintain as part of their portfolios? I'm currently overweight in cash...
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    Alternative Investment Options

    Hi all, I'm looking to diversify my investments away from properties/developments particularly heading towards share and/or managed funds. When it comes to equity investments, I am more on the conservative side (blue chip). I am also open to margin lending for quality managed funds. Among...
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    Hi there, For those of you who know the Goulburn area, would you mind letting me know what areas you would avoid? I'm not totally familiar with the area and would like to get some on the ground information for those who know the area better than me. Thanks Al
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    Santos Feedback?

    Dear all, For the share investors, what are your thoughts regarding Santos? Interesting article that I just read in the SMH. Regards Alex
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    Typical Due Diligance Steps

    Hi all, What typical steps do the more professional investors/developers undertake when researching a project (e.g. feasibility analysis)? What metrics/kpi's are used as part of the evaluation process? I'm sure many people may have this same question and would like to learn how...
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    What dedicated property software do the more experienced investors on Somersoft use to manage their portfolios? I have numerous investment properties (including ones under construction) and am struggling with an ad hoc approach (MS Excel is also a pain). Thanks in advance. Al
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    Custom Home Builder in Sydney

    Hi all, I'm exploring a few options for another upcoming project which will involve a custom-designed house up to approximately $700k (construction cost). Does anyone on Somersoft have any recommendations for custom home builders in Sydney that I could research? Thanks Al
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    Sutherland Shire - Advise Wanted

    Hi all, For the people who know Southern Sydney, what are your thoughts on the Sutherland Shire (Jannali, Kareela, Gymea, Kirrawee, Miranda etc.)? Like all of Sydney, this area has grown well although some parts appear to have moved better than others. Thanks Al
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    Find Lot Information (including their owners)

    Hi all, Is there a way to find out lot sizes for properties along with who owns them? I'm exploring the feasibility of trying to purchase some more properties around a few of mine, however i'd like to see what the other lots look like (plus contact their owners). Thanks Al
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    New Estates

    Hi all, Who on Somersoft is buying land in new estates for investment purposes? Are you buying to resell the land or to build? What areas are you looking at and why? Thanks Al
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    Selling agend in Bowral

    Selling agent in Bowral Hi all, Can anyone recommend a good, proactive, and reliable selling agent in Bowral? Thanks Al
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    DA with Wingecarribee Council

    Hi all, Has anyone previously dealt with Wingecarribee Council regarding a DA for a new house construction? My experience so far is that they are very poor in terms of timelines (over 7 weeks now and nothing) and communication (none). Confirms my feeling that councils are incompetent...
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    Issue buying property via a trust

    Hi all, I am trying to settle on some land that we have agreed to buy however the vendor is now saying that because we are buying via a trust (family trust), we must pay 10% GST on top of the advertised sales price. In the contract it did not stipulate that purchasing via trusts/companies...
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    Car Dealer Price Lists

    Hi all, Recently I bought a new car and when negotiating the price, the dealer whips out a price sheet from a folder. These were their 'cost prices' for each respective model. Now as per real estate agents, car dealers are professional liars and scammers so i've never really believed...
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    NSW Rural Income Options?

    Hi there, I've got a small 'hobby' farm' that I am looking to establish some extra income from (25 acres). Now this is pretty small for cattle however would there be anything that I can grow on this sized property, which would be possible to derive an income from (small income I know). All...
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    Property Manager in Dapto, NSW?

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a reputable property manager in Dapto, NSW? Thanks Al
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    Land Releases in Western Sydney?

    Hi all, Is there an efficient way to find out all of the land releases that are currently available across western Sydney? I know of the large land developers and obviously Landcom, however i've got no idea who all of the smaller players are and what they have available (and where) Thanks
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    Top Five Blue Chip Shares?

    Hi all, While I know that this is a property investment forum, i'm guessing many people also have share portfolios as well. What five blue chip, high yeilding stocks would you have as part of a share portfolio? I'm thinking from the ASX Top 20 only. Focus would be on stability, growth...
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    Population and job growth areas?

    Hi all, Where can I find out some information regarding population and job growth areas, particularly within NSW? Thanks Al.