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    Upcoming Brisbane Storm

    If you have not yet contacted your tenants now would be a good time to touch base and advise them to close all there windows, move anything off the ground that they don?t want to get wet and clean all drains. It looks like it going to get very wet over the next couple of days.
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    60 Minutes expose on Ionisation smoke alarms

    Just been advised about a story on 60 minutes coming up this weekend. See below preview. httpd:// The old type (ion) and the one associated with the fire in Logan that has generated this story has the radioactive symbol on it. The...
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    A good read for any self managing owners out there.

    Hi Guys highlights the importance of making sure you do your quarterly inspections. and tenants checks...
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    open for inspections

    One of my staff is looking for a new rental and got this response to a enquiry this morning. Anyone have an issue with your agency doing this? PS, i will never hand keys out to a prospective tenant. Hi there ! Thank you for your enquiry. This property is currently vacant. To...
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    Ideas for a blog post (Property Management related)

    Hi Guys I have some free time at the moment and have decided to write a couple of blogs for our website and newsletters What subjects would people want me to write about?
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    Im looking for a finance broker that is looking to go out on their own

    Hi all I?m looking for a finance broker that is looking to go out on their own. I have the leads and office space just need someone to convert them into sales. I have no finance experience so I?m looking for someone that knows there stuff and it happy to work in with my property...
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    Should we sell now or in the New Year?

    We are in the process of listing a new property for sale and the owner has asked me this question. Should we sell now or in the New Year? They also said they are in no rush just want to make sure they are maximising their returns. My response was to get the marketing ready Photos and...
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    Tenanting a Property in a Slow Market

    Hi Guys thought I would share my latest blog post Tenanting a Property in a Slow Market Would love your feedback on what your agent is doing to tenant your property if its vacant right now? full blog here
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    6 or 12 month lease whats best?

    I recently joined a couple of properly management forums and got into a conversation on the best way to sign lease agreements and managing lease renewals. What I found was one agency said that they only sign 6 months leases for all of their properties. When asked why, their response was that...
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    Do you have a Solar system on your investment Property?

    Hi Guys I have been in talks with a couple of solar companies of late about solar systems on investment properties. and wanted your thoughts. Do you have one installed on your investment property and if yes why? we have picked up a number of properties over the past couple of months...
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    your PM increased its fees

    Just finished a Blog Post about what im seeing in the market from a Principal of a property management agency and the information i am being advised to do to increase my fees and gain more business. blog post here Please fill in the poll if you have and fee added from your Pm in the past...
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    adding a blog

    i want to post some of my thought onto a blog but cant find the location?
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    Property Management Fees Townsville

    Hi Guys Just doing some research on Townsville. Anyone own any properties in the area and can tell me the current management fees are? Thanks
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    great advertising example

    pick whats wrong with this ad?
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    Pm Jailed for trust account breaches

    have a read and would be interested to know if the punishment fits the crime?
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    Does your rental agent do opens on the weekend?

    I’m looking to employ a New Pm and was going to send her an email and turn up to one of her opens this weekend. Just looked at her company profile and noticed that they don’t have any opens booked for any of their 59 currently for rent properties. Did some searching of the top 3 agencies...
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    trust account breach penalty

    do you think the below breach is fair or light on? I have taken over a couple of properties in the past month and found accounting errors and $1000 of owners money that was not receipted correctly...
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    why would you market a property like this?

    just seen this online and wanted to know how many of you check the ad and script before it goes online?
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    what’s your numbers?

    I haven’t spent a lot of time in this section of the forum and just read the thread It got me thinking it’s good to know the age you want to retire but the real number should be the Asset + Cash do you require mine 8 mil currently 32...
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    Questions to ask an agent

    Hi All I have just finished creating the second part of my business We have just hired a sales agent who has no listings due to only just launching today. we have a section of our site for FAQ and would like your help to fill this section. as a...