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    Property Deposit Question

    Our daughter has selected a Torrens Title villa she wishes to purchase. Price $300k. Is it possible to not pay deposit, $30k and pay full amount at settlement? She has money in term deposit and does not wish to break it prior to maturity which is in 35 days time. Otherwise, we will need to...
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    Holiday Suggestions

    Hi All, Wanting to ask the forum for suggested holiday destinations. Intending to have a 6 week break away next July (escaping the winter blues) to obviously a tropical destination. My wife and I enjoy ocean based activities (diving, fishing, sailing) and bush walking. We enjoy other cultures...
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    Catalyst for Investing

    Thinking personally, what compelled you to become an investor? Was it parental guidance, attending a seminar or something left field. Interested to hear from members what triggered them to become investors.
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    Where to from here

    Hi all, Relatively new to the forum, however have been reading with interest many investment strategies that forumites have in place. Our Position: My age 53 ( retired) : My wife 46 ( tutoring) 7 hours p/w@ $60 hr. We own our home. $1,000,000 in...
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    Shares vs Property

    Have had Investment Properties in the past. Now it is Shares ONLY after bad tenant problems (not paying rent, damage to property) etc. Just wondering how people are going to service loans when interest rates rise? Because inevitably they will. There will be a lot of For Sale signs go up very...