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    Need a town planner/designer in Melbourne

    Hi all, I'm looking at a few sites around inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne (Darebin, Moreland councils) for potential townhouse developments. Would like to have some discussions about the potential buildings for these sites - not sure whether a town planner or drafter/designer is the...
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    Measuring development returns

    Hi folks, I'm wondering how people define 'development margins' or otherwise measure the return on their development activities. Is it common to just take the net profit at the end of the project divided by your initial equity? If so, shouldn't you be annualising this return? For...
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    Is this material asbestos?

    Hi folks, About to start renovating a bathroom in an old Californian bungalow. Ceilings and walls are lath and plaster. However, the bathroom has this 'tile pattern' around the edge and the outsides of the shower recess are also made from the same material. If it's uncertain, where in...
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    Margin Loan with offset facility

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a margin loan with an offset facility? I currently hold shares through a margin loan with Macquarie. Any other options for maintaining the tax deductibility of interest payments when taking cash out for non-investment purposes? Thanks, PD
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    Advice on Kitchen stove replacement/remodel

    Hi all, The stove in one of my IP's is about 50 years old and in need of replacement (broken knobs, burners, etc, unable to buy replacement parts). The issue I am having is that it is set in an alcove and the height of the alcove only allows for 400mm clearance between stove top and rangehood...
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    PM Communication - reasonable expectations?

    Hi all, I have a property which has been managed by a PM at a well known REA in Melbourne for the past couple of years. About 9 months ago, a new PM took over and I've had a few concerns about things not being followed up. On the most recent 'owner statement', the name of one of the...
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    What do I need to check about property title?

    Hi all, Looking to make an offer on a PPOR property in the next few days. We're considering making it unconditional since we're OK for finance and there are several other interested parties. One thing I'm not sure about is what checks I should be doing on the title before making an...
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    Building inspection before or after offer

    Hi folks, I'm looking at purchasing a PPOR. I'm wondering whether to pay for a building inspection before making an offer or to make an offer subject to building inspection. The way I see it: Building Inspection Before Offer: Pros: * Can adjust offer price accordingly Cons...
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    Workers cottage with concreted base

    Hi ppl, A couple of the old workers cottages I've been looking at in inner city Melbourne have had their wooden floors removed and concrete poured in place. The house had then been carpeted/tiled. Speaking to an agent at one of the places today, he reckons it's not ideal because these...
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    MB in Melbourne

    Hi all, Can anyone recommend a mortgage broker in Melbourne? I would like to sit down with someone who can take some time to explain different options to myself and my partner. Looking at loans for both PPOR and/or IP. Self recommendations are ok ! :) Pd
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    Partner with separate finances

    Hi all, My partner and I live together but maintain separate finances. We contribute equally to rent and bills. Neither of us has owned a PPOR although we both independently owned IP's. Now I'm looking to buy a property which will be our PPOR, at least initially. My partner plans to...
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    Bus stop in front of property

    Hi all, I'm interested in a property that has a bus stop directly in front of it. The property has a sizeable front yard but no vehicular access - although others on the same block do. Would I be able to get a planning permit to add a driveway? Or is the presence of the bus stop going...
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    Paying tradespeople cash in hand

    I recently acquired another IP and have been getting some quotes for various work (plumbing/electrical). One of the tradespeople asked me if I was able to pay cash. Sorry for the naivety of this question but does this imply that they will not be supplying a valid tax invoice? I won't...
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    PM recommendation for Brunswick/Coburg

    Can anyone recommend a PM in Brunswick/Coburg VIC? Alternatively, is there any particular PM or agency I should avoid? Thanks, PD
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    What constitutes 'reasonably clean condition'?

    Hi all, I just vacated a rental property last week and left the property in what I considered to be a very clean condition. It was certainly cleaner that when I moved in and in a cleaner state than my own IP's have ever been left! My partner and I spent several days cleaning inside and...
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    NOBO panel heaters

    Hi, Has anyone had any experience with 'Nobo' panel heaters? I'm looking at putting them into an IP as it seems like cheaper upfront cost than ducted heating. Look forward to your responses.
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    Tax question on repairs/renovations

    Hey all, A relative passed away recently leaving me their PPOR. I will use it as an IP although it needs some renovation and repairs. The property won't be transferred to me for several months however I do currently have full access. If I undertake some of the repairs and renovations...
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    Re-plastering roof

    Hi folks, The lathen roof plaster in the bedrooms of my IP is looking pretty cracked and starting to sag in places. It might be repairable although I'm concerned that if it deteriorates during a tenancy it will be a pain to repair. So I'm thinking of replacing it with gyprock - which has...