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    Landlord responsible for pest

    had a call from my tenant - wanting to know if I could help with pest infestations. fleas and bugs. is the landlord responsible for this? first time I had a call regarding this kind of issue.
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    conveyancing in VIC

    anybody have any good recommendations for conveyancers in melbourne? someone reliable and not too expensive.
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    Building Manager who lives in the building

    i was just looking through the owners corporation budget for my apartment builidng. It seems that is a accommodation budget for the building manager to stay in one of the apartment building he manages. there is a total of 5 buildings that is on the same vicinity in which he is the building...
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    Blog : Not Fooled By Property Spruikers Hype

    came across this blog about some guy Not Fooled By Property Spruikers Hype it has some interesting case examples which i find really educational such as the one about a millionaire renovator and some other cases where they kept listing for astronomical...
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    Volunteer Manager

    Looking to get more information on volunteer managers and their responsibilities. A have a landed property in a block of 4. There is no official owners corporation just one lady acting as the secretary and volunteer manager. No AGM, no notice of increase of fees. I asked her for the owners...
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    renovationd (bankstown sydney)

    was browsing their site - some products are priced well. Anyone has used them before in sydney.
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    Final inspection

    my buyer had a 1.5 hour final inspection and now is requesting me to fix up these items and also to have another inspection. Is this normal?
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    Tenant pays late - gets charged $100 and agent keeps it

    I just realized my tenant has been paying late like couple days over the year and been charged $100 late fine. Although they have been charged this, it fine is kept by the agent. Any thoughts abt this?
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    Just curious as to what kind of sofas somersoft forum members would buy? If any - ikea? king furniture, ozfurniture, milandirect, space furniture, matt blatt etc?
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    181 sqm apartment on Dodds St, south Melb (800Kish)

    an agent forward me a listing of a 181 sqm apartment loft in a low rise in dodds st, it is on the border of southbank and south melborne. 4 bed 2 bath going for 800Kish. It offers lots of potential for renovations and added value. Loft size with high ceilings etc. It could really be a 5 bedder...
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    Paying deposits with Credit Card (AMEX etc)

    Just wondering around Aus - who pays their deposit using their credit card? Only due to the points system etc.
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    12 people in a 2 bedroom apartment (150 each per week)

    Saw this in the age man - the landlord would be getting into trouble for this.
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    Interior Designer

    Would an interior designer add value to a renovation to an investment. Would be interested to know more about anyone's experiences in this.
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    Age Article of overseas buyers buying land. hmmmm - a new world out there.
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    Renovation Profits

    Was looking at this utube video which is API magazine diary - and suprised at the profits she made renovating. ... is a full-time investor and renovator. Her latest project is a house renovation down the road from the beach in Perth...
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    Deceased Estate

    Is it possible to have home loan still open in the deceased name even after having the probate done? just wondering as i'm an executor of the will and the beneficiaries althought they want to property to be transfered do not wish to it to happen straight away.
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    Unique properties and individual sites?

    what is the opinon on using individual property sites to sell unique properties?
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    New website anyone seen this website before? seems to have a direct link to chinese real estate agents which full translations. Got the guy who owns this website on my facebook - he's doing pretty well and seems like he got lots of known agents to subscribe to this.
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    Good buy?

    Does anyone think this is a good buy 102 sqm (3 bedroom apartment) with floorboards, downlights and marble flooring. Has anyone bought a 3 apt unit in melbourne recently?
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    BiFold Doors

    Anybody attempt to import any building products before? All the quotes i have been getting seem to range from 8-11K. Just got one from a company which promised to beat whatever price i had. With the current AUD - i have managed to get a quote of a 5.5m X 2.5 meter (5 leaf) double glazed...