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    Land tax vic

    Hi all. Apologies if already been answered. Just working through my tax. Have my land tax assessment which had my property down as an investment as at 31 December 2012. Moved into it mid February-hence now ppor. From this date no income hence can't claim tax back from ato , but...
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    How many threads

    I have the forum set onto subscribe to threads I have commented on (as well as often go in and subscribe to additional threads). Question: how many threads can you be subscribed to before the forum says you cant be subscribed to anymore?
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    Insurance Premiums - CRAZY increases

    Assume this has been done before, but am appalled by the gall of my current insurance company. Have a majority of our policies with them, and got latest premium notice in mail. Our premiums have gone up by 100% in two years. Called to ask why this had happened and whether they realised...
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    How much is enough?

    I am sure this thread/topic has been done before (and maybe to death) - HOWEVER I have been reading both Mr Money Moustache (thanks to the wonderful person who posted the link here, not sure who it was) along with Early Retirement Extreme...
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    Stolen Property - Who owns it

    Way outside the realms of property investment - however came across a scenario yesterday and wondered what the collective wisdom of Somersoft thought. Friend of mine lost his kiteboard around a year ago. (it was actually lost while he was on the beach). His board had his name and phone...
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    OK. Time to update the withholding variation form. Thought I would have a go myself this year and save on the fees of the accountant. Did a search on here and found some old threads. Went to ATO site to try and download the application...
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    Guess who is back.....
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    Strategy Thread - Sticky

    Hi All, Not sure whether there is one already - but I was thinking with the number of people who drop by and ask questions around strategy - that it would be a good idea to have a sticky thread which outlined some of the basics around developing a strategy, and some of the considerations that...
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    Goal Setting Sites

    Does anyone use 43 things or other sites to record and track their goals?? Obviously a simple spreadsheet would work also?
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    Offset Account query

    Hi, Basic question - but here goes. I have had a deposit made into my actual loan account as opposed to the Offset account. From an taxation perspective - am I able to move it from the main account into the offset account (or is it lost forever)? (I can obviously physically do it via...
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    Finding unread posts

    I have been using the drop down - quick links --> Todays posts as my way of checking out what is going on in Somersoft. This has worked quite well until this morning - when (admittedly I was half asleep) I did exactly this and stumbled upon what was a post from a reasonable number of years...
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    Converting PPOR to IP

    Hi All, I am sure this has been asked before (tried search but no joy). We are considering converting our current PPOR to an investment property and either a) purchasing a new PPOR b) converting one of our other current IP's to a PPOR. From an ATO perspective what are the mechanics...
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    Moving from Being a Tight A*&e

    For a large number of years we have been living frugally with the hope that we can retire early, through a mixture of paying down debt along with investing sensibly. Question to those who have made it: How did you move away from living a frugal lifestyle to one of being able to comfortably...
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    SMSF question

    SCENARIO: I want to buy a prop in my SMSF. However would like to get one we can add some value to. we like a hands on approach to our renos as a way of managing the costs, hence we would be spending lots of time at the prop. Also our time/labor would be free, not charging the SMSF. are you...