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    Rich Dad coaching experiences?

    I'm looking into this coaching program and wondering if anyone has taken part. Please pm me. I'm keen to join but would love to hear if others found it valuable, whether its relative to Australia... And also to make sure the people asking for money from overseas isn't a scam! Thanks heaps
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    ACT dual occ / subdivision questions

    I am not familiar with this process and would appreciate some guidance. I live on a 850sqm RZ1 block in Canberra and I want to explore the option of building a second dwelling at the rear of the property. I always thought an RZ1 could not be subdivided - reading this document seams to indicate...
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    Roof type - affect on valuation?

    I am considering a house in Canberra (for PPoR) which has a 70s-style flat roof, looks like Colorbond or something similar. Piccie attached. Does anyone know if this would get valued much differently from a house which has a normal shaped tiled roof? Just wondering how much I should take this...
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    Subdividing in Canberra

    Has anyone here had much experience with subdivisions in the ACT? I am considering purchasing a block in an RZ2 zone which, if I read it correctly on ACTPLA's site, is subdividable if it is 800sqm+. What would be the estimated ballpark cost to have this done with approvals etc? I am...
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    Wise Realty for Qld PM?

    Hey all Has anyone had any experiences with Wise Realty for property management in Qld? We are considering using them for our Ipswich property. Thanks!
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    Construction loan deductable interest?

    Apologies if this has been covered before. Is the loan interest deductible for a property under construction (in Qld) or only once it's tenanted? Cheers
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    For sale items?

    Are we able to post for sale items anywhere on these forums, such as investing books etc? Thanks
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    IP ownership percentage

    I know the answers to these sorts of questions depends on personal circumstances, and the usual answer is "talk to your property-savvy accountant", but I thought worth a post ;) My wife and I are about to get an IP, I am in the 40% tax bracket and she is in 15% or 30% (we expect it to stay...
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    Reno tax deductable on IP?

    Hi All, just trying to get my head around this. For a tenanted IP, is a reno/improvment tax deductable, assuming that it will increase the rental income? For example adding a pergola, internal painting, or even extensions like a new double garage or bathroom? Thanks!