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    Someone help!

    Why does everybody say financial planner? All they will say is put into my managed fund which I get taking commissions from. Much better to be educated for yourself so you can make an educated decision.
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    Capital Gains

    Would the name of ownership matter if they both lived there?
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    Duplex investment

    a strategy is a complex or simple as you choose to make it. Essentially allowing you to consider and work through your decisions in a logical and reasonable fashion. You could chose to drill your strategy down in further detail to get into regions/locales - although that may be getting into...
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    State of the ASX200

    Elliot Wave theory has been calling a major top for a little while now (coming to the final points currently) - this would have impacts worldwide.
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    Approaching neighbours re:development

    Hi mtr. Any updates? How did option 1 turn out? Thanks
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    My neighbour and i both want to sell

    Sounds like a fully paid off ppor but wanting to tap into the borrowing if it was converted into an ip. Making the borrowings tax deductible.
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    Land tax vic

    Thanks for the responses. The point I am trying to understand is whether or not the full land tax would be deductible or just the portion for when the property was rented out.
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    Land tax vic

    Would require proving this to both ato and state Rev office. Was hoping someone else had challenged December assessment ruling and for status of property changed part way through year.
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    Land tax vic

    Hi all. Apologies if already been answered. Just working through my tax. Have my land tax assessment which had my property down as an investment as at 31 December 2012. Moved into it mid February-hence now ppor. From this date no income hence can't claim tax back from ato , but...
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    Capital Gains over 100 years

    Direct comparison is the only real easy to calculate. Long term median growth rates are affected by changes in characteristics of homes. Eg many country areas have newly built houses which are much more expensive and impact the value. Hence not comparing apples with apples.
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    Investar Search Tool - Group membership?

    Did anyone find out whether a shared login works? If so you have another interested party.
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    Best area for reno

    you can become an expert at anything you put your mind to. due diligence comes in many forms. i wonder how the op went, and why the qs if been to course. i presumed whole sections of her course material would lay out detailed answers to the q.
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    Finance question RE: PPOR to IP

    also not sure about cf+ purch price 260 rent 230-250 not cf+ by a fair way
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    My little Mona Vale development update - Phase 3

    Thanks Hi Michael, I have read through this entire thread a couple of times, and just wanted to express my gratitude for the time you have taken to lay out your journey. We are in the process of working through a development ourselves (much smaller scale) and I have picked up many (and...
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    3 and 5 year fixed rate thread

    Prime fodder for a while new thread. Sounds like a really great strategy you have thought through which would be interesting to explore :) As for the question. Fixing five years. Probably wouldn't fix all, but good risk management strategy for potential rate increases, if you did some.
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    Good tenant story

    great to hear good news stories about tenants. thanks for sharing.
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    How many threads

    I have the forum set onto subscribe to threads I have commented on (as well as often go in and subscribe to additional threads). Question: how many threads can you be subscribed to before the forum says you cant be subscribed to anymore?
  18. M data accurate?

    For a free site - the extent of information provided I have found to be good. I havent used the suburb comparison component so cant comment, but for individual sales, I have had no issues. In vic - the other sites like pricefinder and onthehouse dont appear to llist many of the sold prices -...
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    My Subdivision Diary

    HI evisional, great thread. Any chance of updating it to include some rough numbers, cost, value etc. Thanks.
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    Sunshine Development Diary In Detail

    I am asking an obvious question - but how do you get access to past minutes - online/visit to council etc? Thanks,