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  1. Xenia IM

    No longer in charge of the asylum

    well done Bal - must be a great feeling and something for all of us to look forward to.
  2. Xenia IM

    End of an Era

    WAAAA! :(:(:(:( Thanks to all who contributed over the years, I went from new investor to full time investor to owning a real estate agency in the time I was on SS. Will miss everyone. XX
  3. Xenia IM

    Newbie Here - looking for Advice

    I can't give you any direct suggestions on where to purchase in Vic but wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS. Great savings and existing portfolio, doing well so far!
  4. Xenia IM

    Inefficiencies of PMs

    It's in everyone's best interest to ask for exactly what they want in life in general. Personally, I rely on no one! Yes it's the PMs job but you can't expect a landlord to take a loss on rental income because the PM just didn't put the rent up enough. Ask for it to be put up!
  5. Xenia IM

    Inefficiencies of PMs

    they should be providing you with comparative market analysis for each renewal they are recommending. If they are not - then you can just send a one line email. Please renew at $390 pw. End of story!! If you know they are lazy then your instructions need to be more proactive.
  6. Xenia IM

    PM proof of inspection

    copies of all inspections with photos - dated, should be sent to the landlord at the beginning of each tenancy. also routine inspections need to be sent the same way - they usually have less photos.
  7. Xenia IM

    QLD PM - is this unfair?

    As a business person I'm going to admit that sometimes things go wrong. Things do not always run smoothly especially in property management. The value of any business is not how they stop things from going wrong, it's not how they procrastinate and evaluate and make stories about...
  8. Xenia IM

    QLD PM - is this unfair?

    A PM company needs to protect it's landlords to the best of it's ability. we are in legal proceedings at the moment with bad workmanship, we are refusing to pay the trades person who did the work. He has taken no responsibility to rectify the issue so we did - hired someone else to put it...
  9. Xenia IM

    Financial Planner in Adelaide

    I would recommend self education. YOU are the best person to handle your own financial planning.
  10. Xenia IM

    Is there a way for landlords to join forces and boycott kmart?

    Put a cap on electricity costs in the lease agreements. It would be simpler and cheaper than legally stopping kmart from selling heaters.
  11. Xenia IM

    What do you rate these two areas as?

    You can lead a person to knowledge but you can't make them think. Mindset is just as important as actually DOING IT. You gain knowledge by stuffing everything up along the way. In this game of life you WILL lose money, the correct mindset un-attaches you from money, it allows you to...
  12. Xenia IM

    Paying yourself first

    80% is a top effort to save. funding business? Is it a new start up? was the saving from a job or another non business income stream? well done regardless :)
  13. Xenia IM

    Terri Sheer Landlord insurance

    what was the question in this post?
  14. Xenia IM

    Request to lower price quote on authority by RE agent

    The agent is concerned that it will not sell at the $410 to $450 range - they believe that the market price is in the mid to high $300 range and if their authority is higher than market price then they will not be able to sell it. that is the only reason they would want you to sign another...
  15. Xenia IM

    What do you rate these two areas as?

    mindset 90% knowledge is transient and easily acquired. Without the correct mindset, even if you make money, you will attract a way to lose it again and not even see how you are doing it.
  16. Xenia IM

    Clueless unsupportive mother

    Lyn She does not have the reality around what you are doing so she is not able to see it. It's not negative, it's a different perception. My mum was never responsible for our financial well being, her responsibilities as a parent were restricted to ensuring we had clean clothes and food...
  17. Xenia IM

    Currently living off passive income

    I agree Nick and it's always been the perception of this industry. Except people see what agencies can achieve after 10 years of hard work and think they will get that at start up phase - which off course is never the case as you need to build up a brand and recognition first.
  18. Xenia IM

    taking advantage of a landlord

    She knew the tenant was in arrears and was not paying, the only thing she did about it was to call the tenant every week or so and ask for payment. she had no idea it was $14K until we calculated it from bank statements using dates. There was also a lot of cleaning and repairs to the...
  19. Xenia IM

    Currently living off passive income

    we recently advertised for an assistant property manager position and got 49 applications within a week. I interviewed the first 6 and found someone - didn't bother going through the rest. Most employers are looking for experience, they don't want to spend time training people who are fresh...
  20. Xenia IM

    taking advantage of a landlord

    In April this year we took over a privately managed property where the landlord told us that the tenant was not paying but she was unsure how much in debt the tenant actually was. When we calculated total arrears from the landlords bank statements (there were no other records), it turned out...