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  1. Loz

    FYI: Flatpax Kitchen Demo @ Bunnings

    Hi Everyone, I just received an email from Bunnings with a Demo on installing Flatpax gear (31st Mar). I know there are a few questions at times regarding it, so I thought it may be useful to some :) HTH Cheers! Loz
  2. Loz

    $500 tangible gift of 'Lasting Value' dilemma

    Hello All :) I am terrible at deciding on what to buy myself at the best of times, now I've got a $500 limit on buying a Five Year Anniversary gift from my employers. WooHoo! :D The rules on spending that $500 is that it has to be something tangible that has lasting value (that comes with...
  3. Loz

    Pier/Bearer comments please?

    Hi Everyone, I am buying ... (trying to) buy my first property. PPOR actually - so I can step forth into the investment world... :D I have made an offer on a house, it's been negotiated and a figure agreed upon - which is a pretty good price, I got my legals, finance, and finally...
  4. Loz

    Prepurchase Reports

    Hi Everyone, Quick couple of questions: Can a vendor have Pest and Building Inspections done independently and then supply them in their Contract of Sale? If yes, why don't they? Also, has anyone resold their (current) Pest and Building report back to the vendor of the property if for...
  5. Loz

    buying costs

    Hi If I was to buy my first investment property somewhere out in Armidale, Broken Hill, Muswellbrook or Wagga Wagga (any country town) etc. for prices anywhere between $60,000 - $160,000 What basic amount of money do I need to save before I can go ahead to buy. A few of my friends have...
  6. Loz

    When Share prices of a company = $0.00

    Hi Peoples, I was just wondering what happens when a company's share price drops to $0.00, does anyone know? :confused: Does the company fold? Can a company unlist and still exist? Does the company 'owe' anything to the shareholders? If it still has profits does it render it still a...
  7. Loz

    Tracking RE Webpages

    Evenin' All, I've been keen to buy a property in an area not so close to home. As an assistant, because I'm online all day everyday, I use a Web page alerting software tool to tell me if new ppties have been added or removed from the Real estate search pages I track. It's also interesting...
  8. Loz

    Garden Tap Connector Stuck

    Hi Everyone! I have just spent the best part of this morning wrestling with my tap outside. To say the least I've been so far beaten and I'm left extremely frustrated! :( I have a tap/hose splitter (don't know what they're called!), screwed onto my brass tap. One side for irigation and...
  9. Loz

    Cheap hotel rates

    I found this awesome site and thought I'd share it with all you avid travellers. :) I think it would be ideal to use if you're going on a seminar, buying property interstate or even buying in another area of your state. It's probably one of the better of any of the...
  10. Loz

    CenterItX msg - Infected

    From: * Loz * Hi! Please be wary that the CenterItX msg is infected with the Exploit-MIME.gen virus My virus scanner is alerting me every time I try to read the message. I don't know who to inform ie. List leader/administrator Sorry for...