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  1. Jamie M

    Principal And Interest Or Interest Only?

    A question I'm always asked is "should I be paying interest only or principal and interest on my loans" so I thought I'd share my thoughts. For a lot of SS gurus - this info is nothing new but hopefully some of the new members will gain some benefit from it. When it comes to claiming an...
  2. Jamie M

    Interest only with an offset against PPOR

    A common question that I'm asked and which frequently comes up on the forum is whether a borrower should opt for principal and interest or interest only repayments against their Principle Place of Residency (PPOR). For that reason - I thought I'd provide a rundown on the topic. I see it...
  3. Jamie M

    365 project (photography)

    Hey guys Any of our resident SS photography peeps doing this? The concept is to take/upload a pic each day for a year. Cheers Jamie
  4. Jamie M

    REA reccomendation in Wagga

    Hi guys Any recommendations for an REA? Cheers Jamie
  5. Jamie M

    How much for a slab of concrete

    Hi guys Just mapping out a backyard basketball court and curious to know how much (roughly of course) a 6m x 8m at 100mm thick slab would cost to lay? The ground seems quite flat - but I'd need everything done (dug out, poured, etc). Cheers Jamie
  6. Jamie M


    Hi guys I have 3 nights spare in Vietnam next month and I'm keen to check out a coastal area. Just looking for a nice resort where I can chill out for a few days and relax (it's a kid free holiday - yay!) - so far I'm tossing up between Phu Quoc, Nha Trang and Mui Ne. Any suggestions...
  7. Jamie M

    Photography - I'm hooked

    Anyone else get excited about photography? I've always enjoyed and appreciated it - but only in the last couple of months have I really started to love it. It feels like when I first started to get into property investing - I couldn't absorb enough information fast enough. That's how I...
  8. Jamie M

    Where to go in Europe?

    Hi guys Our family (mum, dad and two little ones - 7 and 1) are thinking about going to Europe in July and have two weeks that need to be filled - we're thinking about a one week stint in two different locations. We're keen on a sun/beach type holiday. We've been to some of the islands in...
  9. Jamie M

    Breaking Bad - the final episode

    Anyone else excited about this? I can't wait to see how it finishes up. I think it airs in the states in a few hours. Cheers Jamie
  10. Jamie M

    Malaysia - where to go?

    Hi guys I'm currently in Kuala Lumpur with my wife. We're on a short holiday until Tuesday week. We haven't booked/planned anything and were hoping to get some suggestions on places to check out in Malaysia (we've got about one week to fill up). Cameron Highlands is probably on the...
  11. Jamie M

    Downer, ACT

    Hi somersofters I've been looking at the inner north of Canberra for a new PPOR and was just wondering what the Canberran's thoughts are on Downer? Are there any streets to avoid? Are there any streets which stand out? I guess I'm just trying to gauage what the suburb is like in terms...
  12. Jamie M

    Googong, NSW

    Did anyone else go to the seminar tonight? Be interested to hear others thoughts on the development. Cheers Jamie
  13. Jamie M

    Roof painting in Canberra

    Hi guys Just wondering if any of the Canberran's on the forum know of anyone who paints roofs? I don't need any restoration work - just need some tiles painted black (they are currently a hideous red that doesn't fit in with the new grey render). There's a guy advertising roof painting on...
  14. Jamie M

    Vehicle signage - Canberra (or Sydney)

    Hey guys Just looking for any recommendations for a company that carries out vehicle wrapping (or decals) in either Canberra or Sydney. I’m looking to dress up the old PT Cruiser in the Pass Go logo and a few other bits and pieces. Alternatively, if you know of (or are) a designer...
  15. Jamie M

    Casey, ACT

    Just wanted to hear the thoughts of fellow Canberran's (or those investing in Canberra) on the newish suburb of Casey in Gunghalin. I know it gets it's fair share of criticism due to the size of the blocks, narrow roads, etc but being wedged in between Nicholls and the soon to be developed...
  16. Jamie M

    Googong, NSW

    Just wondering if anyone on the forum has insight into the Googong development scheduled to commence in mid 2011? Apart from that date, I haven't been able to find much more info - block sizes, anticipated prices, ect. My wife and I are interesting in buying our next PPOR there - it's only...
  17. Jamie M

    Mortgage registration fees - sending me broke!

    Hi guys, Quick question. Last week I was charged a mortgage registration fee of $393.00 for an I/O loan that settled two months prior. They just took the fee out of my LOC. One week after this fee, another "registration fee" of $388.00 was taken out of my LOC..... I called the bank and they...
  18. Jamie M

    Please help with my business name :)

    Hey guys, I have a minor dilemma – I am really struggling to come up with a name for my soon to be established mortgage broker business. So far I’ve been considering the following: Pass Go Home Loans (links to monopoly game) Mayfair Home Loans (as above) Easy Peasy Home Loans (a little...
  19. Jamie M

    Anyone used Corpred for depreciation schedule?

    I'm thinking about getting three schedules done before end of financial year and their rates seem pretty competitive. -
  20. Jamie M

    75% LVR for rural property (100 acres)?

    Hi guys, Are there any lenders out there that will provide a 75% LVR on a 100 acre rural property? I'm happy to provide more information or chat over the phone - please IM me (this one is kind of urgent!). Situation is: Rural property - purchase price $400k Deposit - $100k (might be...