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    What are people's thoughts on buying near a cemetery?
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    Queensland FHOG

    Hi all, I've had a few different people tell me about the first home owners grant in qld. From my understanding there is a 15k grant for first home owners buying a new property but nothing for an established propety. I have spoken to a mortgage broker down here Victoria and she seems to think...
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    First IP

    I have just submitted an offer on my first IP and after few days of going back and forth with offers with the agent I think we have come to a stand off. Where we are now 10k away from each other. At the moment I'm in no position (financially) to offer any more, are there any tips or...
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    Redcliffe train line

    I'm looking at a couple of properties in the Redcliffe area for my first IP and am wondering what people's opnions are on the affect on property prices around where the train line is. I've found a property around 2.1km from the kippa ring station in Redcliffe, is that close enough to have an...
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    Getting Started - QLD

    My partner and I are hoping to start investing in property. We are looking to buy in South East Queensland and to spend approx 350k with about 80k for a deposit. We have heard Redcliffe is a good area to buy as there is talk a new railway line will be built for better access to Brisbane. At...