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    Live in Backyard Bungalow, Lease House

    Hi, Quick question. Is it possible to lease a house, and live in backyard bungalow? What are the possible pros and cons? Is that type of leasing option even possible? Cheers,
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    Property Settlement Delays

    Hi What should I do if the seller or the seller's bank is postponing the settlement date. They need extension time to settle because they could not get their act together with organising title etc. They had 2 months to get ready. Are they liable for any penalties?
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    Newcomb Geelong

    What are you thoughts about Newcomb suburb? Potential for growth? It's close to the water and to Geelong, so should be an advantage, I hope...
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    Driving to search for IP?

    Hi All, Quick question: Is driving around to search for IP property, tax deductable and upto 5,000 km can be claimed without receipts? What happens when you don't end up buying IP, can you still deduct? Cheers,
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    Rent or Share

    Hi, If I rent out my PPOR (3BR), can I convert the loan to IP and use it for negative gearing? I am then intending to rent something smaller for myself for 1/3 of a price what my current repayments are. Or is it better to share 2BR out? Would that work? Cheers,
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    Building Garage with an Apartment Studio

    I live in Northern part of melbourne. More precisely Meadow Heights. I was thinking about building double garage and a small apartment at the top. I was quoted $100k. If I decided to sell the house, would this sort of construction add the same $100k value to the overall property price? My...