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  1. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 24 June - Did you know 1 + 1 = 3?

    This meeting will be on the subject of Joint Ventures with an investor that has had a lot of experience in the area and a lawyer, so all bases covered. The first speaker for the night will be our very own Jeremy Jacka. Jeremy has had a day job in project management, owned and run a small...
  2. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting 27 May - Lets Get Creative ...

    As most or all of you would be aware the Perth market has been slowing down recently and a recent NAB report suggested that this would be the case for the next one to two years with negative growth likely. So it?s time to think a little differently on HOW you invest and even perhaps WHERE you...
  3. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Apr 29th - Small Development Deals - Moving on Up

    Last month we went through the ins and outs of subdivisions with an extensive session on the subject. This month we will be stepping further down the development path and discussing small developments, covering off on 1 into 2 and your triplex type deals. There will be plenty of great...
  4. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth Mar 25 - Is there $$$ in them there hills - Subdividing

    Have you ever thought about subdividing a piece of land and did not know where to start, what you could do with it or what type of subdivision would be best for you? Well you are in luck as this months meeting will provide you with a lot of information on this topic. Subdivision may seem...
  5. Prop Meeting WA

    Property Meeting Perth: 25 Feb Value-Add Projects that Make Money! (Session 2)

    Welcome to the second meeting of the year, last month we had a great turn-out with nearly 40 people learning some great things and having plenty of opportunity to network. Why not come along this month, we have another two great speakers. This month: Back to basics. Renovations Part 2! Last...
  6. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Prop Meeting - Wed 21 Jan: Value-Add Projects that Make Money! (Session 1)

    Firstly a happy new year to everyone! We hope this year is a spectacular year for you and your families. Over the Christmas break PropertyMeeting has been working hard to come up with a calendar of events that is sure to stretch the investing muscle of our group members and push them to be much...
  7. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Property Meeting Wed 22 Oct - What They Won't Tell you on the Block!

    Most of us would have watched the block at least once or twice and yes it can be entertaining, however, what you hear in the background is that if they were real life projects the majority of them would have been losing money hand over foot? Not a place you really want to be? So to give us an...
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    Perth Property Meeting Wed 24 September - Stop being Average!

    Ok, so you have found your next development site, you have done your numbers and worked out the best yield for your site using the r-code allowances and averages, but is this the best you can really do? As the property market starts to undergo another slight shift, it will be the experienced...
  9. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Jul 23 - Gazing into your Crystal Ball?

    Granted no one knows what the future will hold.....But does that mean you should leave it to chance! Often people leave planning until it is too late when it comes to ensuring they will have a comfortable future. I know as property investors that we are looking at improving our financial success...
  10. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth - Wed 18 June: Ever thought of Getting into Business?

    This month’s meeting has two speakers the first will be covering off on buying a business as a cash flow options and the second renovating with a twist. So if its business or renovating that interests you come down to South Perth to learn and network with some great people. For full...
  11. Prop Meeting WA

    21st May - Perth - The Beginning Starts at the End

    In an increasingly competitive market what makes your 4x2 any better than the one down the road? It all has to do with the finishing touches that give it that special look and feel. You can have the best deal on paper and be the best project manager there is, however if you get some of the...
  12. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth 19 March - Getting your Granny to work for you....

    Greetings fellow property investors! We all know that the best way to maximise your growth potential is to get the most amount of leverage you can, so why not get your Granny working for you! Have you ever thought of plonking a flat in your back yard to earn yourself some additional income...
  13. Prop Meeting WA

    Perth Tue 25 Feb - Networking to Success and the Ins and Outs of Commercial Property!

    Hi MRO the focus of the group is to provide knowledge and a lot of networking for people, not to sell products. We always attempt to have speakers that are willing primarily to share. All the best.
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    Perth Tue 25 Feb - Networking to Success and the Ins and Outs of Commercial Property!

    You may be asking yourself what networking has to do with Property investing, good question? The answer is ?it?s everything?, property investing is a people game, you need to know, agents, builders, other investors and the list goes on. Do you think it would be better to have a great network to...
  15. Prop Meeting WA

    Wed 29th Jan - Making Sure your Development Deal Stacks Up!

    Hi HD, Look forward to seeing you there. Cheers Craig
  16. Prop Meeting WA

    Wed 29th Jan - Making Sure your Development Deal Stacks Up!

    A Happy New Year to all, 2014 is already well and truly upon us! So, what are you goals for the year and beyond? Is one of them to get into the world of developing, or if you are already there to maximise your opportunities! This session will focus on how to maximise your returns from...
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    Perth Property Meeting 4 Dec - Ditch that Ball and Chain..

    This is a chance for you to understand yourself, others and go full steam into 2014 and also have a few drinks and bites to celebrate your achievements for the year and grow your networks. This month?s meeting is for everyone as everyone at some point of time has a little voice in the back of...
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    Perth catchup

    I will try and come down too, meetings allowing. Cheers Craig
  19. Prop Meeting WA

    Full RP Data access at special group rate

    Hi Jake, I have emailed the details to you. Regards, Craig
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    Perth Property Meeting 30 Oct - Getting Creative with Renos / Commercial Property

    This month's meeting has something for most people, whether it is people wanting to renovate on a budget through creative shopping, learning about baliff's auctions (yep, not just in the USA) or for those wanting to get involved in commercial property but are not sure where to start, you will...