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    UK property information

    Yo forum Anyone lived in the UK and know anything about the UK property market. I just moved here, would like to buy, but can't seem to find a decent source of information like say, this Forum or Metropole. Thanks for listening.
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    Just show me the data!!!

    I set out this morning to do one thing... download quarterly median house prices and rents by suburb (or by local government area whatever, in Brisbane specifically) for the last ten years. I hear them mentioned so often I thought it would be a snap. But noooooo.... I can by all sorts of...
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    The Mint Group - now managing "wraps" for members

    I (foolishly) gave my email address out at a RichDad seminar in Syd and these Mint Group guys have been mailing me ever since - I just never got around to removing myself from their list. Anyhow, something in their latest email caught my eye. They seem to be offering a layman's managed wrap...
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    Help required for old cheese (mother-in-law)

    My old cheese is a great lady, and I'd like to help her out of a spot. She lives in Brisbane with her son. [Aside: We are relocating to Brisbane and we plan to all live together in a big rental and split the costs (--scary huh)] She has about 60k equity in her PPOR and has it on the market...
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    Terminology - LOC vs Redraw

    Terminology Hi Ya'll I am just a little confused with lending terminology. What is the essential difference between LOC and Redraw style methods of accessing the equity in an existing property? Is a LOC like a seperate loan altogether secured by your equity (and your existing loan and...
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    Interest rate derivatives

    Everyone I talk to about IP says you should go for a fixed rate to minimise your risk. But has anyone looked into using a fixed/floating interest rate swap to hedge the risk of interest rate movements. If you had several properties it might make sense to use swaps and it gives you the added...
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    What happens in a wrap

    What happens I am curious to know what happens "legally" in a wrap transaction. In a normal transaction, the buyers name goes on the property title with a caveat for the mortgage taken to finance the transaction. If that buyer decides to "wrap" his property, do the new buyers go on the title...
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    Capital Gains

    Now I'm on a serious learning curve with property investment.... and I saw this story on Today Tonight (Mon nite) where a Sydney couple were supposedly making a fortune ($1m in 8 months) renovating and selling properties. But don't they pay close to half that in capital gains tax???? Or is...
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    Information sources

    The importance of good information / due diligence is obviously vital when considering an investment property purchase - as evidenced by a few posts here. Now we can all go and pay for our own report from Property Value ... but what information resources do realestate agents have access to...
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    The legal process

    I am curious to know... exactly what happens at settlement when a mortgage is involved? I think my pea sized noggin can follow the idea of a contract between buyer and seller (or mortgage provider and buyer), but what legal documents are prepared and who are they held by when a mortgage is...
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    Can anyone point me to a good resource on strategies for property ownership? I would like to go partners with some family members and buy, maybe renovate, rent and hold properties, gradually building up a portfolio (with flexibility to "wrap" properties if required). Is it best to do this via...