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    Aussie drug dealers (alleged)

    So your saying the AFP knowing a crime was under way should have ignored the fact and not informed the Indonesians? Imagine if this situation was reversed most Australians wouldnt be happy if the Indonesians didnt inform us. These idiots who got caught took a risk based on greed with no...
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    Townhouse - Thorneside or Benowa?

    Hi Muppie After a couple of trips to Brisbane to look at a couple of properties in Benowa - Arundel - Runcorn - Thornside - Sunnybank Hills, we looked at the prices, body corp management fees and rent returns and couldnt find a suitable property that met our criteria, Benowa was our...
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    Borrowing which name to use: Trust or ATF?

    Thanks Tubs the loan was a little problematic and I did get some great advice from a couple of brokers on this site who were very helpful. Ive been trying to get this sorted for 4 months now, mainly Ive been the cause of the problem - not financial, just not being decisive and over...
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    Borrowing which name to use: Trust or ATF?

    Well I had some very good advice today which was what I originally thought - Discretionary Family trust, loan should be as ATF. HDT loan app should be in your name only. Rolf you have been consistent on this point, I'll see how it goes and let you all know thanks for the responses.
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    Borrowing which name to use: Trust or ATF?

    Howdy Bank is NAB I set up my trust with Nickm I rang the office today and I was told same thing - loan application in my name and sign contract 4 sale as ATF. I asked when given this advice - is this the same for a disc trust? i was told made no difference. I understand this would...
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    Borrowing which name to use: Trust or ATF?

    Thanks for the replies, bank and conveyancer were telling me to put the loan app in my name and sign the contract for sale as ATF. Im nervous enough so this just sent me into panic on friday.
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    Borrowing which name to use: Trust or ATF?

    Hi I hoping someone can help me with this, Ive completed a search for the answer but couldnt find a post with the exact info I was looking for so here goes. I have a Family Discretionary trust (not HDT) I want to borrow money to purchase a property to be held by the trust, do I 1) use...
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    Poolwerx Franchise anyone looked at it.

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the franchise side of Poolwerx? I have a friend who recently purchased but its probably too early for him to give me some constructive feedback. It would be great if anyone here has looked or is involved who could share some...
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    Lloyds to offer islamic account

    Aaah ok thanks for clearing that up, I thought there would have to be some disadvantage or offset i.e higher fees etc.
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    Lloyds to offer islamic account

    Im not sure if this should be in this section or another? Did others read this in the AFR? Just out of interest - I wouldnt try to pass myself of as a muslim so I could apply if thats what your all thinking :p How do these loans...
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    Self Defence for Landlords? :)

    Hi Duncan When I was living in Adelaide I also attended Wing Chun classes and I would recommend it. I have also done other styles but Wing Chun is perfect for the less flexible among us. It is not as acrobatic as some of the other styles but all moves are designed to stop an opponent...
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    Recommendations on Good ASX Forums? Ive always found the forums on Investorweb to be very informative.
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    What do you think about ASHMORE & BENOWA , Qld.

    EEk I just re - read my post I should have said a 5% reduction in prices.
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    What do you think about ASHMORE & BENOWA , Qld.

    Hi Peter although no expert I have been watching T/Houses in Benowa for the last 5 months and we went and inspected a few last month. The majority of the complex's we looked at were around the 10 - 15 years old prices were $240 - $210,000 for a 3x2. A couple of the complexes we looked at...
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    Ads with false body corp fees?

    Hi Shazza thats pretty much it - the REA told us he had a new body corp disclosure but I questioned the complex manager who told me about the rate - which had started the month before. When we looked at the body corp disc it was for the month or 1/4? before the rate went up. Ive come across...
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    IFHL new PDF - Funding model

    Howdy I noticed a new addition to the Derivex page - a new public domain funding model PDF. It also has some snapshots of the new webpage still under development. Does this new PDF explain the funding model any clearer?- for all you financial types. Im the first to admit I never...
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    Wackiest warning winners

    Hmmm warnings I just luv ones like this - If you were in the Navy and on the Hmas Melbourne and used a Jason pistol you may have been exposed to berillium "warning Berillium is dangerous" go and get yourself tested...we knew it was a hazard but couldnt be bothered to warn you at the time...
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    Ads with false body corp fees?

    No worries Buzz I should have added these properties are all around the 5 year mark and are advertised via etc. When I ask the property managers the answer is always the same "the property developers underestimated the original fee" which I read as - we sold these with a...
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    Ads with false body corp fees?

    Howdy Ads with false body corp fees? Ive been looking at Townhouses in various complexes throughout SE QLD for the last 4 months. Ive made 2 trips to Brisbane to inspect various properties. What Ive found is the Body corp rates advertised are well below the actual figure, I normally...
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    Sydney : Inner west Vs Eastern Suburbs

    Flight Paths Coogee is on the flight path which runs over the beach and up Oberon street, the planes come in very low and loud on certain days - obviously depending on wind. Renovated 3 bedroom units with a courtyard were going for around $700K closer to the beach were even higher. Hard to...