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    Retiring Young

    That question "what do you do all day" has been on my mind for some time too. My broker (in shares) told me that he had to return to work because he was so 'bored'. His mates could not meet him for lunch - "too busy" and that his golf has not improved, so he he went back to work. I don't...
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    Buying land pre release

    kp, are you sortof "buying the land of the plan" and then selling it when it's all developed etc. A bit like buying off the plan re those highrise units. This is something I picked up in a seminar last year and might consider it later on, but need to learn more about this. Danny D.
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    Toowoomba Property Manager Wanted

    I am in the market for a property manager in Toowoomba. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks Danny D.
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    Stage timing

    Patosan, The first one was where I wanted "all the finishes" as stated in the contact. That is, a complete package which required turfing the whole property, concrete driveway and paths, install a covered pergola, erect the fence and gates, a letterbox, TV antenna and floor coverings etc. It...
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    Stage timing

    Patosan, Had the benefit of doing this twice in past couple years. Based on my record of the progress payments paid dates. Stage 1 - Base 1 week Stage 2 - Frame 3 weeks Stage 3 - Lock-Up 3 weeks Stage 4 - Fixing 3 weeks Stage 5 - Completion 20 weeks (was a long...
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    Claiming interest on IP

    Theresa, Can I sugguest that you read the ATO's Rental Property Guide that can be download from ATO's website. Here's a cut and paste from the guide re your question. EXAMPLE Apportionment of interest The Hitchmans decide to use their bank’s ‘Mortgage breaker’ account to take out a...
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    How does Reader's Digest Make money?

    I think you be surprised that there are some people out there who enter these comps all the time (i.e. buying products to enable an entry etc) in the hope they win something. (We all are like this aren't we?) Gave it a go myself at one stage and won some useful things like entry tickets to...
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    Stuart Petroluem (STU)

    Re Trading plans. Could someone give me a few pointers as to what one has to write in their "trading plan". I also do a little bit of trading, but my plan seem to be 'ad hoc' and "in my mind". I don't have anything written down as such. What do you suggest (in a dot point format) should be...
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    Ridiculous situation, advice please.

    I'm a bit puzzled. What happend to the $300 that he did not get back? It appears to me that the REA must have OK'ed the refund to the bank's sayso and they settled on a deal for $2,000 instead of full amont of $2,300 (Are they keeping the $300 as an admin charge?). The non-tennant must...
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    Something To Be Careful Of ...

    kierank/All, This is a newletter put out by Julia Hartman of bantacs accountants and refers to a recent AAT case - Domjan and Commissioner of Taxation 2004. Hope this helps. (Sorry, could not attach it : File Too Large. Limit for this filetype is 100.0 KB. Your file is 119.8 KB. Go...
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    Something To Be Careful Of ...

    kierank Not sure if this helps as I have not read the whole doc yet.
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    Water levels a factor ?

    Talk about water (or the lack of it) in Sydney by mid-2006, Four Corners have produced this report. Here's a link to the transcript Danny D.
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    Pension anyone?

    Y-man, I see it as this: $390.50 x 2 = $781.00 p/fn for a couple in "one household" compared to $470 ($235 per week) for single person (assumed) to be living alone. Couples get an extra that $311 p/f extra over a single person and one would expect, it's cheaper for a couples to share etc...
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    Investing Blunders ?

    This is another "missed opportunity category" more so then a blunder. Just before taking off from Brisbane to Townsville with a job promotion back in late 1989, I walked into a C'weath Bank branch in the Brisbane city and wanted to seek advise about whether to sell our PROR or what to do...
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    Your claims experience with insurance

    Bubbles Here's another insurance company that you could check out (if you have not already done so). I don't know how much they cost compared to CGU (I am with them too!) but your post has made many of us (well it did to me) be more aware of the pitfalls with...
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    Who can be a trustee?

    ggumpshots, This might partly answer your question(s).
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    Toowoomba Qld

    Brenda, dunno if this will help ya. Capital Growth in postcode 4350, QLD Period Change ($) Change (%) In last 3 Months $9,000 5% 6 Months $27,000 15% 12...
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    Land Sale

    Olly, Can't answer your question but not sure if this will be any help ya. I reckon that if you could buy (or beg, borrow or steal etc) the book "Clauses Made Simple" by Robert Balanda, it may help ya with some ideas re clauses or examples of conditions to use in a sale etc. Here's...
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    Looking for reliable ISP

    I was using Ozemail dial up and had those high phone bills too until I recently switched over to Ozemail's Boardband. Started off with the $29.95 p/m 18 mth plan (to get the ADSL modem for free). But the daughters (and their bloody music downloads) blew that plan out in no time, so quickly...