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  1. propinvestor

    Recommend pre-settlement inspector in Brisbane

    I'm looking for a honest inspection company/individual who are/is thorough in their inspection. The property is brand new. Please, can members help me out and provide some reference. I'm in Sydney so have to totally rely on the inspection report.
  2. propinvestor

    Baulkham Hills single bed

    The other day I was at Stockland Mall and some agent of Dyldam was selling OTP units for the building that is going to be constructed at the corner of Windsor and Seven Hills Road, I got interested and inquired and put my name down, few days later got email with some image files and price...
  3. propinvestor

    Nras otp

    Greetings fellow members, My first post here so please be patience with me... I've been reading a bit lately on this forum particularly in relation to NRAS. I've been planning to buy NRAS OTP property and was wondering what conditions would be good to be included in contract to secure...