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  1. robs132

    Six figure deposit and want to get into Sydney property market

    $150K deposit and want to purchase $700K Sydney IP Hey guys, Love this forum, so much knowledge... so hoping to get some insight into following question: I have a six figure deposit saved up to invest in property. Keen to get into the Sydney market, however it is kinda hectic out there...
  2. robs132

    Investing in hotel rooms?

    Hi guys Has anyone had any experience investing In hotel rooms? For example: Be great to get your thoughts on that Cheers Rob
  3. robs132

    Investment vs first home buy to live?

    Hi, we're first time property buyers and thinking about getting an investment property in the next 6 months instead of buying our first home to live in. We are thinking about purchasing the investment in maroubra sydney and looking at around $550K What are your thoughts about this as a...
  4. robs132

    Best property investment seminars / resources?

    Hey all, just found this forum and loving it! What is the best property investment seminar you have ever been to? What are the best resources for learning about property investment you have? really keen to learn more about investing in property Thanks, Rob
  5. robs132

    Where to invest in Sydney?

    hey all, I have around $50K in savings at the moment and looking to get into property market in Sydney. Currently looking at a repossessed house to live in, however if this falls through I'm thinking I could buy an investment property first and continue renting. Firstly: What are your...
  6. robs132

    Repossessed Property

    Hi all, I've recently come across a repossessed property and I'm looking to make the purchase. Area I want to live, looks great. This would be my first home. Is there any advice you could give me about purchasing this house? Do they all have to go to auction? or is there some way I...