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    Good Accountant in Brisbane ?

    Any recommendations ? family trust + 2 normal returns cheers
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    who fits the separate meters ?

    who fits the separate meters ? my plumber ?? or the water company ? I have 5 units in the block and the other day i found the washing machine hose on the ground just pouring water ! You are right - if they don't pay they don't care !
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    Shared Laundry ? do I supply the washing machine ?

    Question ... I have a unit block of 5 and it has 2 x shared laundry spaces.. down stairs Do I have to supply the washing machines ?:confused: Its news to me ... ? :confused: I am renovating and building in internal laundries as i go so this will eventually not be an issue.. but right now is...
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    Land tax - recalc after selling IP x2

    I have my land tax due in mid feb $1600, this is for the 2011-2012 period. However I sold both my IP's around December , so half way.. Does this mean I can request a recalculation ? And would only owe half this amount for the year. I have bought another property but this is now in a...
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    Can a family trust pay into super ?

    Quick question can a trust do this .. Paying only 15% going in and then it's zero Tax coming out on retirement ?
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    Demolition Yards

    Surprising source of good timber ! And other items ! Look out Bunnings ! I had to buy a stack of step treads.. Bunnings was $32m Demolition Yard .. $10 each ! Great condition .. Trimmed to size and away we go! Anyway, just sharing as I had never considered these before as a source of...
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    Running a Family Trust ( for Dummies ?)

    Can anyone direct me to a basic guide for operating a simple Family Trust ?
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    Top Gun Conveyencing in Qld

    Disclaimer **** I do not work or have any relation to this business. Just a quick recommendation I have used these guys 3 times now ... Brilliant service , fantastic price and really friendly.. Five stars ***** Cheers
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    Coating for asbestos roof ?

    Hey all, ( I do not work for or have any connection to these products) Has anyone use Fibroshield ? Made by Crommelin (I think) It encapsulates the asbestos roofing and also lowers the temp of the roof.. By about 40% I had 3 choices 1. New roof $25,000 2. Thermo Shield $6000 3...
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    Charge tenants water rates?

    Just talking to a friend of my wife and she rents a renovated queenslander. She tells me that the landlord charges her water rates ? Each quarter. Are many people doing this ? I thinks it's 50% of the actual rates charged by council? Any comments ? Is this a new thing ?
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    Selling stuff to members here?

    I sent a message asking should we be able to sell stuff here on the forum ... Not that I want it to be eBay... Just thought it would be good to help other investors ? Thoughts everybody ?
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    An expensive lesson in doors !!!

    Hi all, I just pulled out the 2 internal doors from the unit I'm doing a Reno on .... Yeh I thought just replace them I've seen good ones at Bunnings for $40... Yep except the sizes are weird and as such it's a special order !!!! Cost $165 per door !!! Lesson ... Never cut your...
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    Plastic or Copper water plumbing system ?

    I have old galvanised pipe running in the unit block I bought I say running, i should say slowly choking the unit block Any thoughts on replacements ? I have heard about PEX ? vs Copper ? Anyone know the savings ? benefits ? drawbacks ? its an old block up on concrete stumps etc...
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    Cast Iron Bath ? does anyone take these away ?

    I have a cast iron bath... not a claw foot just a normal looking one.. does anyone collect these things or is it better to just smash it up ? cheers
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    Roller blinds, curtains or verticals ?

    Hey all, Any advice on roller blinds, or curtains vs verticals in a rental unit. Roller blinds seem more modern to me? Verticals maybe easier ? But older feel? Curtains ? Not sure basics tab curtains might be ok? Any advice from experience?
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    Can I remove the back door ?

    Trying to design a new kitchen in a small space in the units, The kitchen also has a back door to a narrow concrete path behind the unit. Can I just wall over and remove the door and only have a front door ? If I could this would make a massive difference to the kitchen refresh I'm...
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    Floor sander BRISBANE ?

    I'd like to start a few of these threads for Brisbane, I hope you don't mind :) Any suggestions ? Approx cost per m2 ?
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    Low maintenance lights for rental unit

    Any suggestions ? I was thinking downlights but I can't cut in due to fibro cement so I have to keep the standard batton Any suggestions on a modern low maintenance fitting.
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    D mould / Half moon wall trim - best way to remove

    I can't seem to find anything on this .. I have a old style block of units and all the wall have that crappy D moulding on them to hide the joints. Is there a cheap way to get rid of them ? So it looks more like a flat gyprock type finish ? How can I make this look more modern without...
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    Dulux hog bristle ? For exterior ?

    Has anyone use the Dulux Hogbristle colour for exterior? How did it go? Good look ? Good coverage? And while we are on paint.. I normally use Dulux.. Any other suggestions?