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    Course for Caretaker/Letting/Sales

    Good morning all. We are in Queensland and looking to purchase management right. With the recent changes to regulations we would appreciate if you can advise the best way to take out a course. My impression is RLA should suffice for caretaking and letting purpose. But the Agent said 'might...
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    ?Equity? to our property ? CBA and frustration.

    G?day. We are facing some dilemma and hope this knowledgeable group can shed some light. We have two loans with CBA: one home and one investment. Since they were created about seven years ago, the market values have increased to about $250k combined. Contacted CBA and was sent to see this...
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    Partnership with your spouse?

    Found this amazing forum and had been reading heaps in the last few days. Cant help myself and wish to ask the knowledgeable people here for some insight. I have been recently made redundant, and not too sure if I can find work quickly. Husband has been out of job for 2 years (sold his...