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    Commercial style lease for residential

    From: Rosemary McKenzie We have found a residential property owned by a local restaurant, one block from the main street. He has extended the restaurant and wants to sell the house on a lease back arrangement (3yr x 3yr x 3yr) for one of his employees (already in residence). The back yard...
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    CPI value

    From: Rosemary McKenzie Can anyone tell me what a generally accepted source for the CPI value would be? If in a lease it is stated that the annual increase would be the CPI which source would be assumed? I have done and search and come up with an array of values which vary according to...
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    Tenant wanting to renovate Garage?

    Reply: From: Rosemary McKenzie Hi Manny, This sounds so familiar! Same request January this year "can we set up the garage" for a sister moving to town, till she gets a job, definitely less than 3 months. We said no to the garage bit but okayed the caravan in the driveway (backyard...
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    Parkes NSW property prices

    From: Rosemary McKenzie There seems to be a lot of purchasing going on in Parkes (NSW) particularly around the CBD with big companies buying up large sections of the main street. Does anyone know something I don't? (About the Parkes purchasing anyway ;-))
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    Property Expo

    Re: Prop Expo. ANYONE ATTENDING? Reply: From: Rosemary McKenzie We will be going Sunday. m 0421208980
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    lease question - additional people

    From: Rosemary McKenzie We have a one year lease with our tenants (Sept 2001) for the couple and their two children. Just on 8 weeks ago they asked permission for her sister to live in a caravan at the property for a short period of time - defined as less than 3 months, while she found a job...
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    Reply: 4 From: Rosemary McKenzie This is so true!! We had a valuer recently through one of our IPs and the dog jumped all over her. She valued the place at $12K less than it had been valued 18mths ago. This was despite a very "rising market" and indicative sales in the SAME STREET! We...
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    credit card limits and servicability

    Reply: From: Rosemary McKenzie On our credit card listings we always list the Amex as "unlimited" it really messes up THEIR figures, and most times they tell us not to put it on the list. Unfortunately the $10K limited one messes up OUR figures! So guess which one's next on the cut...
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    Settlement Question

    Reply: 2.1.2 From: Rosemary McKenzie We refinanced (an existing) and bought (a new one) through a mortgage broker because we thought the process was going to be complex, and we had such a short time. He didn't seem to do anything with our applications unless we were sitting there at his...