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    Anyone used Intrepid?

    Hi guys, Planning next trip and wondering if anyone has done any small group/adventure tours with either Intrepid or Gap Adventures? Would be interested to hear any stories. Thinking about doing Nepal, Mongolia or India..... or even a combination of a couple of places over a period of 6-8...
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    Portfolio structure question

    I have asked my MB to get a valuation done on one of my IP's, as there is sales evidence to suggest that there is definately some equity ready to be recycled. I want to use the extra funds to top up my LOC (which is used purely for investment purposes). She has suggested that the best way...
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    Anyone from Busselton?

    If there is anyone from Busso or who has recently built in Busso, I'd love to know what you paid the building company for siteworks! I have just been quoted approx $15,000 from a company and when I said that it seemed rather high, he said that its commonplace in Busso, due to the ground...
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    Dongara - whats the go?

    Hi to all fellow West Aussies. I've just got back from up north and on my way back drove through Dongara and noticed the amount of building activity up there. The last time I was there was years ago on holidays and it seems that the place is really going ahead. They are selling decent...
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    QLD - Vendor able to pull out of contract if settlement late?

    Hi everyone, Just a quick question -In QLD If purchaser's bank is not ready to settlement on settlement date, can the vendor pull out of the contract? I understand that penalty interest can be charged, but my question is.... can they actually pull the contract from underneath you and put...
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    Costs involved in replacing asbestos roof

    Hi all, A couple of questions...... Would anyone know of a reliable tradesperson who removes asbestos? Property in a country town approx 2 hours north of Perth. Also has anyone on the forum done this before, if so, how expensive is it? cheers sq
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    OTP apartments Carlton marketed in Joondalup

    I thought a few Perthites would find this interesting!! Noticed in the Northern Suburbs Real Estate paper this weekend just gone that sales reps from Melbourne would be down at Joondalup Resort for 4 days selling OTP Apartments in Carlton from $178,000. JUST HAD TO GO DOWN FOR A LOOK -...
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    Another One Bites The Dust - this time in QLD!

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd share my joy with all you SS's before sipping on a glass of Champagne!! My first IP in QLD has settled - yay!!! T/house in Upper Mount Gravatt - purchase price $282,000 - Rental yield currently $295p/w and going up to $310p/w in Feb. ciao sq:D
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    Renovating PPOR without over capitalising

    Hi guys, Just thought I'd open up a discussion on thoughts and tips on renovating your PPOR without over capitalising. I have been in my PPOR for 14 years and have no mortgage. The house is a 4 bdrm, 2 bth home with games/family/formal areas. It sits on the high side of the road at the...
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    Settlement on Monday first Brisbane IP

    Hi guys, Just checking in for those whom I have been in contact with over my latest purchase in Brisbane. Finance is unconditional, settlement on Monday 23rd......tenant in place, can't wait!! Will be back on line after Monday to spill the beans!!!:D cheers sq
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    CGT event on acceptance of offer

    Hi all, Just need a little bit of clarification. We have just had an offer come in for a property that we thought would probably not move until next financial year. This offer is full listing price subject to finance. The O&A is being posted to us and we should receive it mid-week. My...
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    Agent Brisbane - recommendations please

    Hi all, Flying over to Brissy from Perth in a few weeks time to go shopping for an IP. Can anyone recommend a decent Real Estate Rep to show me around? Will be looking at anything within the 20km radius of CBD. Thanks sq
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    reno's to lure a good tenant?!

    Hi folks, Wondering if anyone could share what basic reno's should be done to firstly lure a good tenant, and secondly keep them. We have just purchased our 2nd IP which needs a facelift and we have a fairly tight budget (around the $6,000). What do you guys consider to be the most...
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    using h/e loan for reno's?

    Hi guys, Just a quick question - We have a Home Equity Loan which we use for investing purposes only (Shares, IP's ect..). Just wondering if we can use this loan for all our renovation costs on a new IP that we've bought, to bring it up to a rentable standard and tax deduct the interest on...
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    using gift as deposit?

    Hi guys, hoping to get some help......My father-in-law is taking a Home Equity Loan out in his name (and we are paying it off P & I and loan set up costs ect) for us to use as our 20% deposit on an IP we are purchasing. We also need to renovate this property spending about $6,000 which we...
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    Finally got an answer!!!

    Hey everybody.....well those of you who read my last post would know that I had an O&A on the go for 2 weeks it has tested my patience!!!!! Well I finally got an answer on it today...they are standing firm on their offer (which they could have told me last week), but anyway I am...
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    Counter Offer - how long to wait?

    Hi guys, this is my first posting on this forum and need some advice as I'm feeling nervous!! Situation is: Put offer in on IP last Tuesday, they countered back on Wednesday, I countered back on Thursday.....agent never got back to me (was negative about my counter offer), so I finally...