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    Maximising corner block

    Hi All, I have just purchased a house on a corner block of 1400sqm and need some advice as to how to maximise the use of land behind the current dwelling. attached is a document that gives you an idea of what we are working with. The previous vendor had put in an aplication to devide the...
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    Best way to purchise second IP??

    Hi All, A year ago I managed to make the first step into what I hope will be a career in property investment by buying my first IP at 24. Now im looking to buy my second and am needing some advice, I was lucky enough to buy my first IP $20,000 under the asking price with the great help of...
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    buying first IP, quickest way to buy second.

    Hi all!!:) its my first post /thread so please forgive me if its a little amature compared to others.:o im a 23 year old man that lives in Adelaide, SA. im extreamly passionate about property and im FINALLY in a posistion where i have saved a decent deposit for my first investment...