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    Options and CGT

    We're thinking about writing an option on one of our properties. Question: At what date is CGT triggered if the buyer takes up the option: the date the option is bought, the date it expires, the date contracts are exchanged or some other date? Bob
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    Adding to the cost base

    My wife bought an IP last year to do up and resell. The renovator lives in and pays rent. She coincidentally pays the renovator the same amount per week to renovate for a specific number of hours with any difference on a credit/debit account. We do cash, not accrual, accounting...
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    Semi theoretical exercise

    Folks, I'd like to float an idea for interest's sake and maybe a bit more. I have my eye on a commercial property in a high capital gains growth area, securely leased for the next 10 years. Only 2 problems: 1. They want too much - I wouldn't buy at the asking price but I reckon about...
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    Buying through a trust

    I'm about to purchase a property through a trust and will loan the trust the 30% plus costs. Question: if the trust pays back principal and interest, is the principal payable back "tax free"? My thinking is that it is not income for me - I loaned it; it is not a distribution, it's a...