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    Commercial style lease for residential

    From: Rosemary McKenzie We have found a residential property owned by a local restaurant, one block from the main street. He has extended the restaurant and wants to sell the house on a lease back arrangement (3yr x 3yr x 3yr) for one of his employees (already in residence). The back yard...
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    CPI value

    From: Rosemary McKenzie Can anyone tell me what a generally accepted source for the CPI value would be? If in a lease it is stated that the annual increase would be the CPI which source would be assumed? I have done and search and come up with an array of values which vary according to...
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    Parkes NSW property prices

    From: Rosemary McKenzie There seems to be a lot of purchasing going on in Parkes (NSW) particularly around the CBD with big companies buying up large sections of the main street. Does anyone know something I don't? (About the Parkes purchasing anyway ;-))
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    lease question - additional people

    From: Rosemary McKenzie We have a one year lease with our tenants (Sept 2001) for the couple and their two children. Just on 8 weeks ago they asked permission for her sister to live in a caravan at the property for a short period of time - defined as less than 3 months, while she found a job...