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    Toowoomba Property Manager Wanted

    I am in the market for a property manager in Toowoomba. Can anyone recommend one? Thanks Danny D.
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    Know anything about a Denise Alen?

    Anyone know anything about Denise Alen? An ad appeared in today's Sunday Mail (Bris) "From Mum to Millionaire". She is conducting two, all day info sessions (one on Gold Coast and another one on Sunshine Coast) on Renovations, Home Improvement, Makeovers for $197.00. Sounds like good...
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    Monopoly champ makes millions - TT

    Not sure if anyone saw this on telly the other night. Just thought it was an interesting story how one has turned his love of playing this board game into real life. I am sure many of us forumlites have played this Monopoly game in their life.
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    Research tool/s (CITIC Confirm Qld)

    As part of my research re possible purchase of the next IP/s, I had access to the QVAS (Queensland Valuation and Sales Service) via CITIC Confirm (to do unlimited bulk searches rather then a one charge per a single search on each property). QVAS uses the data from the Qld Dept of Natural...
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    Maximum Line Of Credit

    There is such a thing as the "maximum amount" for a Line Of Credit? Can a property investors have more then a $1m (perhaps even higher?) for a LOC account? Danny D.
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    Insurance brokers

    I am looking for an insurance broker, located in Brisbane. Do any members of this forum use insurance brokers? It just that most of us seem to do deal with insurance companies direct (re landlord insurance etc) and that I have not read much about insurance brokers, good or bad. I am...
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    Direct Debit system for Landlords

    For those who self-manage their properties, this might interest you. I have come across a company that will direct debit the rent from the tenant's account and transfer the funds into your account. How easy it that? Here's the website: Cheers Danny D.
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    Rental Collection Agency

    Just read "Ordinary Millionaire" and one of the millionaires Jess stated that he uses a Rental Collection Agency to collect rent from the tenants who don't pay on time. I assume that this agent goes to the address and collects the rent in person on the owner's behalf. Humm.... I think this is...
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    Renovating websites

    To all those who love "renovating". Here's a couple good sites worth reading if you are into renovating. I don't think they have been mentioned on the forum previously. (obtained from the The Sunday Mail (Qld) @ 5/05/2003). Danny D.
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    Solar Hot Water system - good or what?

    Hi all, I am interested to hear people's opinions (+ or -) on "solar hot water systems" for a rental property (in Brisbane)? Will it be problematic? What about the booster? (electricity is used to heat up the solar system on a dull day etc). Will tenants like them or hate them? I...
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    Latest valuations for South East Qld release

    For those with properties in South East Qld, here some good news for ya.,5936,6019191%255E2765,00.html And another link to the Qld Gov's dept re S.E. Qld land valuations.
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    1.3 million taxpayers with rental properties
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    Strategy that backfired?

    FYI - This is a copy and paste re an AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) hearing relating to a denist and the ATO. (the full link to the case on the AAT website is pasted below) Danny D. Rental property The taxpayer also purchased a property from his mother, with the expressed...
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    FYI - Aerial shot of your property

    Hi all, Read this in (Brisbane) weekend paper. Might be useful to some of us? Could save ya the travel to check out the location? Danny D.
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    RBA speech on IP's - FYI

    This is part of Mr Macfarlane (Governor) talk to CEDA Annual General Meeting Dinner on Melbourne - 13 November 2002 Residential Property Prices It is not surprising that house prices have risen a lot over the past half decade or so. With...
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    Buyer's Agents - Silent listings

    From: Danny Dwyer I was interested to read in the Weekend Australian (Money Section) re Buyer's agents boom. It was stated by the agent that " We have an advantage over ordinary people because we have access to silent listings and properties that are not officially on the market". Is this...
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    Jan S. in Brisbane's Sunday Mail

    From: Danny Dwyer Jan S. appeared in the Brisbane Sunday Mail last weekend. For Your Information guys.,5936,4079487%255E905,00.html
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    Income Protection Insurance

    From: Danny Dwyer I would like to know a bit more about Income Protection Insurance for the debts on IP's. Do any of the forum members have Income Protection Insurance for loans from IP's? Which insurance company gives the best cover etc? I understand that most of them cover you up to 75%...
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    Reasons given for selling

    From: Danny Dwyer Just to follow up on that "Beating those Sneaky Real Estate Agents", can anyone give me hints/quotes on some of the reasons given for the vendors who are selling their houses and do you believe them to be "truthful" reasons? I get a bit sus when real agents gives me some...
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    LMI question

    From: Danny Dwyer Can anyone explain to me "in layman terms", how do to work out LMI calculations? Is there a set formula that one to use as an estimate of the LMI that will be required when the LVR is over 80%? Does this amount depend on various insurance companies? Who are these companies...