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    Borrowing which name to use: Trust or ATF?

    Hi I hoping someone can help me with this, Ive completed a search for the answer but couldnt find a post with the exact info I was looking for so here goes. I have a Family Discretionary trust (not HDT) I want to borrow money to purchase a property to be held by the trust, do I 1) use...
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    Poolwerx Franchise anyone looked at it.

    Hello I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with the franchise side of Poolwerx? I have a friend who recently purchased but its probably too early for him to give me some constructive feedback. It would be great if anyone here has looked or is involved who could share some...
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    Lloyds to offer islamic account

    Im not sure if this should be in this section or another? Did others read this in the AFR? Just out of interest - I wouldnt try to pass myself of as a muslim so I could apply if thats what your all thinking :p How do these loans...
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    IFHL new PDF - Funding model

    Howdy I noticed a new addition to the Derivex page - a new public domain funding model PDF. It also has some snapshots of the new webpage still under development. Does this new PDF explain the funding model any clearer?- for all you financial types. Im the first to admit I never...
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    Ads with false body corp fees?

    Howdy Ads with false body corp fees? Ive been looking at Townhouses in various complexes throughout SE QLD for the last 4 months. Ive made 2 trips to Brisbane to inspect various properties. What Ive found is the Body corp rates advertised are well below the actual figure, I normally...
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    Buying management rights

    Hi Ive probably posted this in the wrong section but I am after general advice. My wife and I have been considering purchasing management rights in a block of units or a complex. I have seen a few advertised but being new to this Im not sure where we can go to find further advice -...
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    Property Inspections - Onsite managers

    Hi Is this typical for a property that has an onsite manager? We went to Brisbane on Tuesday to look at some potential IP's the first place we looked at was in a managed complex with an onsite manager - it was a 3 bedroom townhouse. The onsite PM and REA went to great lenghts to...
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    ASIC Investigating IFHL

    Howdy Interesting story - ASIC Investigating IFHL - in todays AFR page 3 maybe this will provide many of the answers every has been asking. I wonder how long this process will take and if it will delay Devirex's offering loans? This should be seen by all including Derivex a good thing...
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    1st time Buying is this order correct?

    Howdy I am about to offer on my first Residential property and from everything Ive read I was going to do it in this order - I would appreciate any advice if i have this wrong or I could do it better. Assumed - ive already found the property been watching it for 2 months and have had...
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    Valuer - Adelaide

    Howdy Has anyone used a Valuer in Adelaide they would recomend? The property is a smallish commercial property in the Nothern Suburbs.
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    SMSF to purchase my IP?

    Howdy Im looking at setting up a SMSF - I would have enough funds to purchase outright our current IP. Is this allowable for a SMSF to purchase property from one of the trustees at the current market valuation? :confused:
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    Howdy the Derivex site has been updated and now has - letter of offer pro forma PDF - New Licencee and contact details The pro forma PDF has many conditions fees and charges outlined it would be great if someone who understands this better than me could have a read and explain what...
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    Woodridge QLD

    Howdy Does anyone have an IP in this suburb? Ive searched and found many threads on Woodridge but not one from anyone who has an IP there.(maybe this answers my question) Looking at the Suburb for long term growth over 10 - 15 years. Is this suburb as bad as everyone says - is it a high...
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    Accountant / Advisor - Sydney

    Hi Has anyone used an accountant/advisor who specialises in property /investment structuring in the Eastern Suburbs or City they would recommend? (plus with an idea of Fees?) I thought i had my structuring sorted out but now I am so confused due to the conflicting advice I have been given...
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    Morphet Vale, Adelaide

    Howdy do any of the Adelaide following have any thoughts about Morphet Vale? The Sept median price show only slight growth 3.93% but has had 109 sales almost more than double than any other suburb in Adelaide. What would you make of these figures? The suburb has older houses but some...
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    Setting up finance

    Howdy Ive been given an oppourtunity to purchase a commercial Property for $90,000 that returns $250 per week we have 30K to throw into this, at the same time we want to purchase a T/house / house for around the $220,000. Ive been told to use the equity that we will have in the Comm to...
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    Townhouse - Thorneside or Benowa?

    Howdy my first post so please be gentle! We have very limited funds but have pre - approval for $220000 we are looking at town houses in gated estates in QLD within range of Brisbane with swimpool etc. We have decided on Thornside / West Manly, near the city and Train lines or Benowa /...