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    Buying an IP in Sydney

    Our research shows low growth for Tasmania also , especially re net migration and available land. Better bang for buck elsewhere i would say. Also if your not from there and dont know the market intimetly ,like buying anywhere outside your comfort zone the risk profile goes up the less you know...
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    Research websites

    Would agree, i would suggest always looking at multiple research sources, the amount of times i have seen 5-10% differences in data on the exact same suburb!?! This is were local knowledge steps in, i would never recommend making decisions on solely on 1 research report, but im sure you wouldnt...
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    Buying in a street with lots of units?

    From my experience it would be harder to rent, have larger vacancies possibly. Although with development around the area picking up , the block your looking at may have the ability to be developed itself, so i would talk to council re this as this also may be an opportunity.
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    Blue chip suburb in Sydney

    Blue chip suburbs in Sydney for buying property. Hi, 1) Vaucluse, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Bellevue Hill, Ben Buckler, Bronte, Clovelly, Darling Point, Edgecliff, Elizabeth Bay, Potts Point, Queens Park, Rushcutters Bay...the list goes on, predominently in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney...
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    Dundas Valley, NSW - Good/Bad Area?

    I would prefer to park my money in Cherrybrook or Castle Hill as apposed to Dundas, but behind Dundas is a great area of Oatlands if thats in your price range.
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    Desired Place to Live in Melbounre

    Buying Property In Melbourne , Middle Park I would have to agree with Middle Park, still pricey compared to average but on a bang for buck ratio is pretty good. Great looking / feeling suburb close to amenities and the city and modern lifestyle, yet has alot of charachter. From an investment...
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    Unit in Kogarah / Bexley / Hurstville / Bardwell Park...

    Property Investing in Ryde, North Ryde Area Hi, Ive lived in Ryde area most my life and constantly review the area for personal as well as for clients and am sure you can find property investments in that area of 1 and 2 bedrooms for about $350 to $400k, where abouts were you looking?
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    To build or keep buying IP

    I would have to agree, building property from abroad is quite difficult, the tax implications can make the task potentially not worthwhile, i would be concentrating on high demand, low supply areas close to the main city CBD's where development is restricted , supply is low, demand is higher and...
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    FAQ: How do I buy in a different city?

    Do your due dilligence I think it would be prudent to really get to know the local market, i would definently not make decisions on what the selling agent has advised (as they have a duty by law to the vendor not the buyer) or off the website (which may only furnish what is good and not...
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    Predictions of 2010

    Great replies Great replies from all, good to see that the market is confident and people are still thinking about property and posting even on the days leading upto New Years Eve. As for my thoughts, i mirror some of the comments here also, low supply, high demand areas will always do...
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    House prices

    Historically house prices have gone up when interest rates do Historically house prices dont correlate with interest rates - well in Sydney anyway, so I wouldnt be too much concerned
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    Predictions of 2010

    Hi, As a property professional (qualified valuer and licensed buyers agent), I am interested to hear the opinion of other property investors around Australia and property investing in 2010. Mainly which states, suburbs and why? Thanks. :)
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    buying in Sydney

    Hi Wondering if you have considered the total return on an investment as apposed to just the rental yeild? Capital growth should be considered as in the long run it can make a massive difference. I have included this link fyi - Property Capital Growth vs Rental Yield ( Positive Cashflow) Debate
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    Melbourne Again

    Melbourne Increasing We have noticed same in our Melbourne Buyers Agency office also.
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    Need exp advise...

    Rental Yields difference in Sydney and Melbourne Hi Shimi, Re your question on RYields. In sydney we have bought for clients in the Eastern Suburbs and Inner West for Rental Yields ranging from 4-5% approx, in Melbourne we have recently seen 3.5 to 4%, little lower then Melbourne, hope...
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    Get in before the end of the year?

    Just to add to that, it usually doesnt concern me in gaining access to our solicitors prior to end of year (xmas, new years etc), what does though is you need to check with the vendors solicitor if they will be available, you need 2 parties to exchange. Good luck!
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    My little Mona Vale development update - Phase 3

    Thanks Hi Michael, Thanks for the post, great detail, love to see the passion of people about property and developing. Keep up the great work and good luck!
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    FAQ: How do I buy in a different city?

    I would agree, if your using an agent that is not exclusive it is very hard to distinguish which side of the fence a agent may be on. I think it would be prudent to work with an buyers agent that performs buying daily as apposed to selling daily.
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    FAQ: How do I buy in a different city?

    Buying in market your unsure of. Hi , Being an experienced valuer and buyers agent i find that it is most prudent to buy proeprty investments in markets you know. If you feel that the best investment opportunities moving forward are in areas your unsure of it would be wise to obtain advice...