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  1. Loz

    FREE Tickets to the Sydney Property Expo

    Thanks Michael! :D
  2. Loz

    Time to get "MONEY TIGHT" - Ways to save money

    I paid to join up with an online group called Simple Savings to maximise my savings. It's mostly a bunch of housewives (& househusbands) who all share their ideas on savings. The site's appearance is very basic, but it holds a world of ideas that you can adapt to your own situation. Some of...
  3. Loz

    FYI: Flatpax Kitchen Demo @ Bunnings

    I went to one Bunnings last weekend. Stood around for 10 minutes and then they organised a one on one impromptu lesson, well Q&A... it was good and bad. No structure, but the man installed kitchens during the week for a living when he didn't work at Bunnings so he was knowledgeable. What I did...
  4. Loz

    FYI: Flatpax Kitchen Demo @ Bunnings

    Hi Everyone, I just received an email from Bunnings with a Demo on installing Flatpax gear (31st Mar). I know there are a few questions at times regarding it, so I thought it may be useful to some :) HTH Cheers! Loz
  5. Loz

    $500 tangible gift of 'Lasting Value' dilemma

    LOL Geoff, you sound like my Dad - he wanted to scribble something on paper and frame it and sell it to me ;) Peter (Spiderman) I like the way you think! :cool: Peter 14.7, I tried for a Brisbane trip and accommodation, but that was turned down. I wanted it so I could do a Reno Kings...
  6. Loz

    $500 tangible gift of 'Lasting Value' dilemma

    Hi Macca, I thought of that, that's what I'd really prefer. :( It has to be tangible though. LOL I don't think even a share certificate would work. Unfortuately my CFO is really finicky! :mad: I have a fascination with glass, I love Murano Glass, it can be expensive, but it holds...
  7. Loz

    $500 tangible gift of 'Lasting Value' dilemma

    :cool: I Like THAT idea! :D
  8. Loz

    $500 tangible gift of 'Lasting Value' dilemma

    Hello All :) I am terrible at deciding on what to buy myself at the best of times, now I've got a $500 limit on buying a Five Year Anniversary gift from my employers. WooHoo! :D The rules on spending that $500 is that it has to be something tangible that has lasting value (that comes with...
  9. Loz

    Pier/Bearer comments please?

    Thanks! Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for your replies. a) informative & b) useful - which is why I love this community!! I withdrew from the sale. I spoke to the Building inspector after I had read a couple of your replies. He said the asbestos (Hardiplank) was in reasonable condition...
  10. Loz

    Prepurchase Reports

    Thanks Hi guys, I agree, I just wasn't sure if it was legal either. I received my first building inspection today and there was a clause saying that it cannot be used by anyone else or given to an agent etc unless previous permission was sought. Thank you all for your input on the matter :)...
  11. Loz

    Pier/Bearer comments please?

    Hi Everyone, I am buying ... (trying to) buy my first property. PPOR actually - so I can step forth into the investment world... :D I have made an offer on a house, it's been negotiated and a figure agreed upon - which is a pretty good price, I got my legals, finance, and finally...
  12. Loz

    Prepurchase Reports

    Hi Everyone, Quick couple of questions: Can a vendor have Pest and Building Inspections done independently and then supply them in their Contract of Sale? If yes, why don't they? Also, has anyone resold their (current) Pest and Building report back to the vendor of the property if for...
  13. Loz

    How best to donate?

    Some of the Charities are speaking about merging for the relief of the tsunami victims and recovery effort the SMH is reporting: Lets hope they can work together to bring it to fruition for the sake of the victims.
  14. Loz

    Steve Navra at SIG 25th January 2005. book now...

    2 tix for me! Can you reserve two seats for me please? Can you really afford to miss out? :)
  15. Loz

    Sydney Picnic

    Pyramid landmark.. Hi Robyne, et all, Is this the landmark you're referring too? (Found on this site: ) and just to help that little bit more for those completely lost - LIKE I AM... Try...
  16. Loz

    Blue Mountains, NSW

    Hi Sanchez, How did you find that sort of information? Is it freely available on the net, or did you purchase several reports over the years? Thanks, Lauren
  17. Loz

    buying costs

    Hi, Thanks for your help. :)
  18. Loz

    buying costs

    Hi If I was to buy my first investment property somewhere out in Armidale, Broken Hill, Muswellbrook or Wagga Wagga (any country town) etc. for prices anywhere between $60,000 - $160,000 What basic amount of money do I need to save before I can go ahead to buy. A few of my friends have...
  19. Loz

    Did you take enough action in 2003

    Great Poll Hi A/L, I think this is a great question! I have been "saying" for years that I will buy property, but I never have, I've always managed to accumulate big old bad debt successfully though! :( This year I stopped "saying" and started working towards the goal. :D In thinking...
  20. Loz

    When Share prices of a company = $0.00

    Re: Re: When Share prices of a company = $0.00 HAHAHAHA! Thanks Steve! "Yes, I'd like $100K worth of those $0.00 shares in the window there please!" :p