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    Cross-Collaterized - what next?

    Hi all, I was talking to my cousin about x-coll'ing It appears he has the x-coll 2 IP's without even knowing a few years ago. He wants to know if there's anyway to undo this or minimise the impact of x-coll'ing his IP. Or he has dug himself a hole? Thanks guys.
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    Looking up for the Strata Manager of a building

    The gardener of a building of units next door have disposed their green waste on our side of the property. I'm trying to contact the strata manager for the building next door to make a complaint. Are there anyway to look up for the strata manager responsible for the building? or would...
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    Serviceability - Employer's stock option

    My company has just started offering our employees to salary-sacrifice for stock options. At this stage, i'm considering whether I should take this offer up. Since my cashflow is reduced, would this impact on how my bank assesses my serviceability for my next investment loan?
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    Contamination of Home Loan

    Hi all, I initially have 2 IP loans with total balance of $500,000 each. I've just had this refinanced/topped up with NAB with the following structure: IP1: $630,000 IP2: $650,000 I intend to use the top-up from as a deposit for the next IP. Previously, I was not aware of the difference...