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    Buying an IP in Self Managed Superanuation fund

    Hi All, We have about $500K savings in a bank Superanuation managed fund (CFS). We plan to setup a Self Managed Superanuation fund (SMSF) and transfer this money to it. We will then buy an IP (+ stamp duties & other costs) to the amount of $450K (leaving $50K bucket in cash). Rental income (-...
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    From FHOG to Capital gain tax

    I've found most of the answers to my questions at ATO website. The Capital gains tax property exemption tool is very useful:
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    Should I buy an IP in Pyrmont, Sydney ?

    Is Pyrmont a good area to invest? As I can see people living there can walk to the city so I assume it's quite easy to get tenants. I don't know much about future capital gain in this area. Has the price been softer in this area and is it possible to get a good 2 br appartment for $400K...
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    Wealth package with CBA

    I'm in the Wealth Package with CBA. It allows me a 0.5% discount off the standard variable rate or 6.25% 1st year guaranteed rate. Does anyone know what I can do to get a 0.7 % discount? Many thanks in advance. Regards Huey
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    Trust or Not - for negative geared IPs

    I plan to set up a Family Discretionary Trust for our next Ips . The more I read about Trust the more I get confused and wonder if it is the right decision. It’s good for asset protection but for buying a negative cash flow IP it may not be feasible. Unlike other states, in ACT we claim...
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    Swimming pool

    I'm about to buy an IP with an empty inground swimming pool. The property is currently tenanted. The pool needs a new pool liner, a pump/filter, a cover and a safety fence installed! It will cost me over $10K for those items. Can I claim deduction/depreciation on those items and at what...
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    How to secure a sale

    Hi all, I have multiple offers for my property. My solicitor told me to choose one so he will send a Contract for Sale to that buyer. If I choose one and the deal falls through I would lose the sale. I worry that the other buyers won't wait. What should I do ? Your advice will be most...
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    Rollover CG

    I will turn 55 in few months time. Recently I took a redundancy package & have some money rolled over to a Super fund. If I can rollover the capital gain from selling my IP this financial year to the Super fund I only have to pay 15% tax. It's similar to salary sacified. Can I do this? Your...