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    City bank are dogs

    they reniged on their ofer to provide 200k on our new purchase , house purchase is 550 and we are cashed up for 383 wanted the 200k to settle some credit cards etc etc , the day before setelment , Sheesh what timing . our 1,000,000 loan would be reduced to the 200k and they are still not happy...
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    House finally sold what a jeorney !Sheesh!

    i envisaged building my ppor , we purchased one of the old burnt out blocks in chapman canberra after the fires , we purchased it for $450k UCV 460 ish and the block size is close to 1800m2 views to belconnen and the city, i have been building this home for 5 years it was one of those grand...
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    crap burbs gone good over time.

    I am interested to know . Howmany suburbs were once real crappy and have now gone good , As a kid i grew up in Kingston , this was housing trust homes single mums and some safe houses for women, its now well and trully M$ property, what has happened that changed this , that you have noticed .
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    Whats Happining Around Your Way?

    Just a note my re said things are hitting a wall in canberra about now and i don't know why , i am hoping our home exchanges asap as he seems to think i wouldn't get another offer for a year or two. lots of stock and i see good buying opps already, so whats happening around your place ??
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    money ? which way to go?? feedback please!

    we have accepted an offer on our large ppor (down sizing) and will come away with $500k so the original idea was to pay 200k on a new ppor and have a 3ook mortgage , and then place $100k down on three IP's being a handy guy i will renovate and add a master room and ensuite i will spend no more...
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    i have learn't

    Guys and gals , life is so short the constant persuit of wealth sometimes consumes us with frustration,greed and ignorance , i think its good to persue , and i still do want , but we need to get laid more, get railed more with freinds, cuddle our kids more , because its our life and we have only...
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    market trending sideways,or down?

    Yesterday, i asked my three boys (staff) to be at an address in Evett yesterday to witness an auction. aged 21,21,and 23 i try to teach them the petterns and habbits of wealth creation 2/3 are also startin g there building courses early next year, i purchase books and pass on newspaper clips...
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    first international flight, nervous YEP!

    i will be taking my 9yo sweetheart to prague, for the school hols its a first for me boarding a new a380 biiig *** jet via dubai, for a two hr stop over, funny one waits 41 years to travel o/s and then its a rush to get passports , my other half is there for work so two week free accomadation...
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    labor to lead the next great depression?

    yep there back, i was so disheartened , i can now only wonder what weird and wonderfull failure they will think up next, sickening stuff??? Boo Hoo!:(
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    Canberra fire wood ,who wants

    I have two + trailers of oregan and pine for fire wood , free will deliver , pm me or it gets a trip to land fill , cheers craig.
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    being robbed is not a nice feeling

    I suppose its time to tell the class , during my buisiness partner seperation i have had verbal malishious damage done to most of my prospective clients, my staff were confronted and verbaly abused, by house was robed they took my new clothes purchased from mlb, my safe ,my laptop hence the...
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    Thanks Melbourne.

    Well i have worked my butt of over the last few months , due to the bailing of my business partner , 5am starts and 6&7pm finnishes ... so broke i could not do any thing for my wife who turned 40 young years old. So the time was right, i booked three days at the Oaks on market and surprised...
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    Molonglo -canberra next BIG ONE, 60,000

    Molonglo, land release , in inner canberra, they have started the advertising in the new land release, according to the colliers site, june is the expected sale date, how much?dunno, they say that they will be building for the next twenty years down there, the rates are climbing at the moment...
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    canberras , latest prop prices,

    the canberra times today, pg4 says bla bla bla, about the best and worst, performing areas, but year to date from march, The median house price in canberra was $549,647 -up 13.9% adding $137,359 to the previous year at $412,288. would have been nice to own five of these , and now thats a...
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    WOW! they found noah's ark.

    the story goes that they found noas ark, its 4000meter on the top of mount arrarat? and is carbon dated to 4500 years ago, they have five pics posted on nine msm , from RAW live.
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    i see often that we have so many guests visiting this forum, so please join in and don't be shy, the more the better, and no they wont steal your credit card numbers , so c'mon you shy lot lets see what you have to say, :rolleyes:
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    I Need A Buisiness Partner.

    I need somone to manage my office, attend to maintenence repairs, assist with growing a massive portfolio of property, that can also understand finances, lending criteria, and value adding. is reliable, honest, and has a very high moral fiber, as well. do pays,for our staff only two at the...
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    the big sell???

    I have mentioned last year, i expect the big sell off when rates climb and the RBA starts beating their drums ,i did mention , i thought it would happen about april,may june july and august. Down here there was over 80 homes come up for sale to day , its usually about 40 or so, could others look...
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    It looks to me that canberra market is heating up again, or somewhat more so than before, the sale listings are fewer, each day, and they are marked with sold in record time , I have no real evidence of this in true numbers but when you look and watch the all homes site every day for 10 years...
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    Under Pining

    I have a client who wishes to remove the floor under the house and create another 2.4 m space , this will cut into the exlusion zone , there are about 50 meters of footing that need to be underpined , so has any one here had this done and what would be the going rate for this, It involves ...