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    Next 6 months - How to Invest

    Tinking I'm gunna make sum muffins and sell them at my local market
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    Rent to a group??? Furnished or unfurnished

    How did you get caught?
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    The B word.

    Can you post one of Brissie Please?
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    Question about loans against equity

    This is the winner of the question of the year!
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    Mindset Motivation Music

    Soundtrack to braveheart or man of steel
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    Fhog scenario

    Hi there I am contemplating 2 different scenarios and would like some advice I currently live on the nsw border to Qld and work in Brissie cbd, there are new housing handL packages being built and I wonder would I qualify for the fhog for this? ( Brissie is only 1 hour commute) The...
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    Builders/Renovators - Logan

    Hi Did you ever get a quote to do this? Ball park figure?
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    Too late for Toowoomba?

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    Hic - wine recipes wanted!

    Vinaigrettes? Such as Chardonnay vinaigrette always tastes good Granita? Watermelon and Chardonnay Jellies? This is good w cheese but you probably have pastes which are similar Jus? White wine and pineapple ice cream is...
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    what would buffett do??

    Probably a lot of young hot woman
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    Hands up for those nearing Financial Freedom

    I often watch and wonder wether Kelly slater will be still charging 15 foot pipeline on his 50th birthday. True inspiration that guy
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    Hands up for those nearing Financial Freedom

    Yeah your probably right about tax stuff but you probably just need to be a but more smart about your plans Anyway plenty of other cheap islands out there if you had to move around to surf and drink beer while your young:D
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    Hands up for those nearing Financial Freedom

    Yes I'm envious, I have a friend that fifo from Perth, and spends his 2 weeks off in Bali surfing staying in nice hotels instead of renting in oz. Another driver is that I'm hopeing to achieve this before I'm 37, ( another 3 years) so I have at least 8 strong full time years of surfing...
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    what would buffett do??

    WB said that if your not prepared to hold onto your investment for 10 years then don't even hold onto it for ten minutes So go out and buy and hold tight for ten years Ph a few agents in Brissie go to a few opens and get a feel of what the market is doing then make a decision from there
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    Hands up for those nearing Financial Freedom

    Well said, if I could I would retire tomorrow and surf every day ...then there is travel camping fishing rock climbing boating and that's just to start... All this talk of working until reaching a 100k a year passive income, no way for me, give me 50k a year achieved in half the time and I'll...
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    95 lends

    So who do you go to now for a 95er?
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    Have I missed the boat?

    There is alot of unit development in the pipeline for Toowoomba, you can pick up a ok house for around 250, I'm not suggesting either, is just my opinion, you would have to do your own DD, but A couple of ph calls to some managing local rea agents would help Have you thought about buying one in...
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    Have I missed the boat?

    I also have one in that area, out of curiosity who did you get to value it? I also saw some good growth in a short amount of time,
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    Metropole Property Strategists

    You work undercover?
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    Have I missed the boat?

    Sorry I will admit that that was a slightly biased statement :D as I would only ever by for land content.... Sorry dude I don't know what you should buy There has been a lot of talk of oversupply of unit dwellings in Brissie forecasted , maybe just investigate further...