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    Sunbury Vic, buying a PPOR

    yeah also consider (if you have kids) schools etc... around st annes is crazy busy during school times. make that any school.
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    South Hedland Property

    fly up here for a weekend. see firsthand the amount of housing that is being built. there will be more oversupply soon with companies winding back their housing payments and putting employees into their accomodation. (no longer paying for private rentals)
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    another depreciation question

    another depreciation schedule question. had a reno done on a unit of mine. it was a rental before the reno and after. i have depreciation schedule from before and after. reno was total. as in everything was stripped out and replaced. do i write off the earlier things in the schedule (div 40...
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    South Headland or Port Headland?

    the amount of units that are being thrown up here is crazy. and alot (100ish) houses just nearing completion near the tip. lots and lots of houses/units going up. rental prices are coming down (even some company subsidies are getting reduced) also look up landcorps plan for port hedland. lots...
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    Sunbury Vic, buying a PPOR

    i brought a ppor in Strathearn Glen. nice area. the above post pretty much sums it up.
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    How Much Do You pay for Conveyancing

    first - 800inc everything. lawyer 2nd + 3rd - 770 inc each. same guy as above. communication wasnt the best. but didnt have to chase for anything. 4th - 1400inc. conveyencor. dealing with 3 different people. horrible. wont be using again. all in melbourne.
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    reno almost finished

    yeah rang them up today. if i had a break down on what things cost they could do it easy. but i dont so basically have to do a new one. worth it in any case.
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    Who is reading your posts ?

    correct. i just dont like my data being logged. vpn and tor works a treat. i can safely hide behind my keyboard. :)
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    Who is reading your posts ?

    they do monitor most forums and social media. its nothing new. if your doing nothing wrong you have nothing to hide. but still recommend the use of an alias, vpn and tails
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    reno almost finished

    no before and afters just yet. it was pretty filthy when i brought it. and i do have a current depreciation schedule. might ring up BMT monday.
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    reno almost finished

    Hi, hopefully a quick question. im having a unit of mine renovated. im interstate so its getting done by someone else. its almost done YAY!!! now do i need another depreciation schedule done? the reno removed everything and turfed. it was pretty much stripped back to plaster and...
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    Trusts: What do you want to know

    where to buy your book!
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    Should I re-submit my tax return to avoid audit

    i was under the impression you could aportion your trip. 1 week trip. spend 1 day at IP. cost 700. you could claim 100. :confused:
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    FHO grant question

    thanks for the confirmation PTBear.
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    FHO grant question

    i thought you were eligible even if you have owned a property but you have never made it your PPOR? might just be a porky pie ive been told tho.
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    1.No right clicking so you can't open multiple tabs with different property's. WTF are they serious? Then when you click "back" you goto your origanl search not the map area you'd just predefined. push down on your scroll wheel on your mouse. opens up links in new tab. hope that helps
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    installing a freestanding stove without electrician?

    pink if your a bikie. just remember red to blue, black to green, green to brown. (please dont) ;)
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    Share your investing goal

    Age: almost 30 Started investing: 2-3 years ago Goal: replace my income so i can choose if i want to work. Strategy:invest in residential currently, look into commercial in a few years time. Where I'm at now: 2 units + 1 house major regional in vic, 1 house outter melb (will be PPOR in a...
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    Social Atlas

    wow. bloody good find there. many hours will be spend there