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    Sunshine results today

    Very very hot market at the moment, they are crazy prices. Don't know how the numbers stack up at those prices.
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    Where in Melbourne

    Born and bred in Noble Park whilst growing up, was always a rough area but I wouldn't of wanted it any other way. Parents sold in 1997 for $124k our family home on 600sqm and then we moved to Rowville which since has gone nuts too.....but generally I can't believe what is happening in Noble...
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    market near the top

    Have to agree.....the old saying goes when the tea lady and taxi driver are giving you tips, then you know it's hit near it's peak and a correction could be coming! Well this used to be the case in the stockmarket so not sure it's the same in property lol. Doesn't worry me, just need it to last...
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    Where in Melbourne

    +1 especially if you want to add value. Having said that just sold my townhouse this week in Ardeer lol, lots and lots of interest so definately hot market right now.
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    Glen Waverley auction today $5,505,000!!

    Good on them as well, why not. GW is crazy, has had repercussions in some surrounding suburbs as well (ie Mt Waverley, Wheelers Hill and now even Wantirna Sth). I'm developing and moving to Rowville which is starting to attract some Chinese money of late recently but it's still affordable...
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    Seller death before aettlement

    HAHA that's hilarious......good on em, they're backing themselves in for the tonne lol :)
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    Apartment Development Cost

    How long is a piece of string, costs can be impacted on so many variables it's not funny...
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    Council *Shakes Head*

    Aren't we all? lol
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    Where in Melbourne

    +1 All those areas are winners and still very affordable.
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    Process for selling myself?

    Thanks mate :). Will be doing the exact same for my next property sale towards the end of the year, kinda can't wait now lol.
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    Process for selling myself?

    SOLD folks at $393k and a long settlement until Oct 31 which suits my family just fine. Took 3 weeks and 2 opens and we got more or at the upper end of what 2 leading agents in the area valued it prior to us going it alone :) Over the moon and stoked, would recommend anyone who has the...
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    Please recommend a solicitor or lawyer to sell IP in VIC?

    Metropolitan Solicitors. Cheap and Good.
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    costs for duplex construction

    How big are they Rooster and what does it work out per sq?
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    Process for selling myself?

    An update- We had another 5 through today with another couple returning from last week. Had a call in the afternoon from a party last week who wish to put in a formal offer of $393k and 120 settlement unconditional. Have sent them the Contract of Sale that's 2 formal offers on the table...
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    Is it time for Laverton yet?

    Too simplistic to say it's better just because the site is $100-$150k cheaper. You'd need to factor in resale costs and rent yields etc to compare apples to apples.
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    Under quoting auction price

    That's disgraceful, how is it not criminal?
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    "Parts of Melbourne in a bubble"

    lol that's rubbish James with all due respect.
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    Is it time for Laverton yet?

    I believe you could still get better value around the Albion, Ardeer, Sunshine West & maybe even Deer Park areas for $450k for brand new places which in my opinion are significantly better areas with better growth prospects than Laverton. Not saying you are wrong re Laverton, just saying that...
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    Process for selling myself?

    Ah good point, thanks Big Will :)
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    Process for selling myself?

    Hi All, An update, we have a formal offer of $390k on the table unconditional 60 day settlement - my Wife and I will consider over the next 24 hours. Still getting a fair few enquiries though so it's a catch 22 whether we accept or wait until Saturdays open to see if further interest arrives...